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Different Styles of Sherwani Designs for Men

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Nothing can beat the style and elegance of a classic sherwani. They are exclusively crafted to give an imperial essence of luxury and glamor. If we turn the pages of history, sherwanis were exclusively made for the nobles and aristocratic men of society. Later, this ode of splendor and craftsmanship of creating such a marvel became important for wedding ceremonies and celebratory functions. You can explore the latest collection of sherwani for men, which are the ethnic wear outfits that are worn in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Whether it is a wedding that you must attend, a social gathering to get up to, or looking and feeling special on any family occasion, these ethnic menswear outfits are worn in multiple ways to create a statement impression. 

Many times, people ask why sherwanis are opted by people for festivities and wedding ceremonies. 

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A sherwani is a long, jacket-like garment that starts at the neck and ends below the knees.  

The collar is often buttoned and resembles a Mandarin-style collar with an optional pocket square.  

Most of them include a center panel of buttons, which are either accentuated with flashy buttons or buried under a layer.  

There are several types of sherwani, including Jodhpuri, achkan style, Angrakha, Pakistani, Indo-western, and Chipkan style. They vary in style, cut, and design.  

The jacket has a matching bottom. Depending on the desired look, these pants are available in a variety of styles, such as dhoti, harem pants, churidar, and salwar. 

For generations, men’s ethnic dress has included the sherwani, the classic sign of imperial grace. Traditionally worn at weddings and other festive events, the sherwani has developed throughout time to incorporate a range of forms that suit current preferences while retaining its traditional spirit. Let’s look at the many varieties of sherwanis that guys may wear to create a statement at any major event. 

Classic Sherwani  

The classic sherwani is the most traditional version of the garment, with a straight cut and knee-length style. It is frequently created from luxurious fabrics like silk or brocade, with elaborate stitching and decorations. This kind of sherwani is ideal for grooms who wish to incorporate tradition with a dash of grandeur. To complete the regal effect, pair it with churidar or slim-fit pants and a matching turban.  

Achkan Sherwani 

An achkan sherwani is similar to a classic sherwani but has a slightly different cut and length. It is often shorter than a standard sherwani, generally finishing just above the knees. The achkan is often constructed of lighter materials, making it an excellent choice for summer weddings and parties.  

Indo-Western Sherwani 

The Indo-Western sherwani is an excellent option for people looking to combine traditional and contemporary elements. This fusion outfit blends the beauty of a sherwani with contemporary tailoring methods and styles. Asymmetrical cuts, one-of-a-kind draperies, and uncommon materials are common elements. The Indo-Western sherwani is adaptable, and it may be paired with slacks, dhotis, or even jeans for a more casual yet classy style. 

Jodhpuri Sherwani  

The Jodhpuri sherwani, or Bandhgala, emanates regal ancestry. This sherwani comes from the royal state of Jodhpur and is defined by its high-neck, buttoned-up appearance, and tailored fit. It is often embellished with modest needlework, focusing on the cut and fabric. 

Pakistani Sherwani  

Pakistani sherwanis are famed for their long, flowing silhouettes and sumptuous materials. It frequently falls well below the knees and is worn with loose-fitting trousers or pajama-style trousers. This style features extensive embroidery, particularly around the collar, cuffs, and front panel. The Pakistani sherwani is a popular choice for guys looking to make a big entry on their wedding day. 

Printed Sherwani  

For guys who want a more modern and whimsical appearance, the printed sherwani is an excellent choice. Unlike intricately embroidered forms, printed sherwanis include striking patterns and designs, including flowers, paisleys, and geometric prints. They are ideal for pre-wedding activities such as sangeet and mehendi rituals and may be used with contrasting pants to create a striking look.  

In conclusion, the many styles of sherwanis available now cater to every taste and occasion, so you can always explore the latest collection on other fashion websites. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of a traditional sherwani or the modern appeal of an Indo-Western design, there is a sherwani to suit your taste and make you stand out at any event.