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Different types of Student Accommodations in Bournemouth to Consider

Choosing student accommodations is one of the most important decisions you will make in your student journey. After all, your living quarters are where you regroup after a hard day of study and where you start your long (or short) commute to class. 

Therefore, you should ensure that your student accommodation is comfortable and meets your needs. If you are a student in Bournemouth and are on the lookout for accommodation, here are a few options to consider: 

Student dormitories

Also referred to as university halls of residence, student dormitories are usually located on campus. They are owned by the university and are available to students who are willing to stay within the university. 

Student dorms are convenient because some are accompanied by meals, which cuts down on school expenses. Most importantly, they make it easy to get to and from campus. 

Private rented rooms and apartments

These are the most common types of accommodation for students attending Bournemouth University. In comparison to student dorms, they are easier to come by because they are privately owned by landlords. 

Depending on the size of the building, students can share rooms and apartments amongst themselves. The quality of these houses varies greatly, as do their prices. However, it is best for students to rent private rooms that their college or university accredits. 

Private sector halls of residence

These student accommodations are similar to student dormitories. The only difference is that they are privately owned and open to everyone, including those who are not students. 

They offer a 52-week rental contract and enable its occupants to share one room with a whole mix of people such as students from other universities and, in some cases, the working class. This is better suited for those who love inter-mingling and meeting new people. 

Rooms in a private home

Rooms in a private home are ideal for students looking for a homey feel or who want to stay in a comfortable and cozy environment and enjoy being around others. The student should feel open to staying in a spare room in someone’s family home or a guest room that is attached to the house. 

While rooms in private homes were unheard of in the past, they are more popular today. In fact, there are students in Bournemouth who prefer these types of rooms to student dormitories. 


Apartment sharing
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Students usually rent these in their final year of study. Students frequently use apartments as stepping stones into the future. 

This is mainly because they will need a place to stay as they transition into the world after their studies are over. Apartments mean independence while also providing stability close to campus


Granted, a majority of university students prefer living in student dormitories because they are campus-owned accommodations and serve them year-round until the academic year ends. However, there are many other options to consider. 

Students should rent where they feel most comfortable but sometimes adventure calls and seems to be the better option. There is nothing wrong with breaking the norm and going out of your comfort zone into a nearby town or city. This could make one’s university experience much more intriguing. 

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