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101 Days of Christmas: DIY Felt Bows

DIY felt bows

Looking for an inexpensive, reusable accessory for your Christmas presents? These DIY felt bows are so simple to make and can be used again and again!

And really, once you know how to make a bow, you could make it out of any material…magazine pages, scrapbook paper, burlap, etc.

DIY felt bows


  • felt
  • fabric glue
  • scissors


Cut strips from your felt. For the larger bow, use 3/4″ strips; for the smaller bow, 3/8″ strips.

Cut your strips into the following lengths: (3) 9″, (3) 8″, (2) 7″, (1) 3″. Or for the smaller bow: (3) 4″, (2) 3.5″, 1 (1.5″).

Twist your bows like the photo above, one at a time, gluing and setting them aside to dry while you do the rest. Be sure to use a fabric glue that will hold the felt. I bet you could even use hot glue in a pinch!

Once all of your loops are ready, begin piecing them together, largest to smallest, gluing them one on top of the other so that the loops are evenly spread.

Let dry and then attach to a package with glue or strong tape.

Variations: Use multiple colored loops in a single bow or an entirely different material altogether!

Other Uses

There are all kinds of uses for felt bows besides Christmas presents. Create hair bows from felt. Put a clip on a hair bow and attach them to shoes or your purse. When planning a party, create bows from different colored felt and attach a hot glue gun to wooden stir sticks. You could go one step further and write their name on the bow. Felt bows can be added to plain winter gloves and give them a touch of cuteness. Either glue on with the hot glue gun or a couple of stitches with a needle and thread. So many ideas …

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