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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Easy Repairs Using Glue

When you want to undertake a few repairs around your home, but you don’t have the tools, it can be frustrating. However, many easy repairs using glue can be done. Having a reliable tube of glue can deal with the repair quickly and easily. 

Let’s take a look at some of the easy repairs using glue:


Glue can repair furniture
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Let’s imagine that you have a piece of furniture such as a chair or a table that wobbles. This is where some glue can come in and make a difference. When you want to add a bit of wood, for example, to a chair leg, you can stick the wood to the chair using glue. Just make sure that you get rid of the old glue first if there is already some glue on the leg. You can do this by sanding it down. When the old glue is gone, you can add the new glue and stick the wood piece to the chair. Be sure that you allow the glue to dry. 

Now let’s imagine that you want to stick a cushion onto a wooden chair. Again, you can use some glue to stick the cushion to the chair. Just make sure that you place the cushion exactly where you want it to be. When you place it in the right location, you won’t need to remove the cushion and start again. 


Did you break an ornament? Don’t worry. It can be fixed with simple tools. Superglue is ideal for small repairs, especially when you need the bond to be waterproof and strong. A good way to avoid using too much glue is by placing a small amount on another surface. Surfaces such as foil or an old plate could work. 

The next step is to apply the glue to the ornament using a toothpick. This will ensure you only use as much glue as you need to. If you do find you use a little too much, don’t worry, it will dry. Once the excess glue has dried, it can be wiped away. This means you can continue to use the ornament as per usual. 


When glass breaks, chances are you’ll need to throw the item away. However, if you think you can repair the glass, it’s worth a try. Please make sure that you only ever use glass glue as other glues might not work. In addition to this, the glue might be very obvious and make the glass look as if it had been repaired. This is the last thing that you want as it will make the glass look less than perfect. 

In cases such as this, you should consider easy repairs using glue glass. Glue glass is ideal for use with a wide range of glass. It also fails to leave any residue on the glass, which is ideal. Please make sure that you do not use glass glue on any glass that you intend to place food or drinks in. This is because it might not be food safe. Only use it on ornamental glass. 

Base Boards

From time to time, one of your baseboards might come unstuck. While this can make your home look untidy, it can be easily remedied. Heavy-duty glue will help you to fix the problem. However, before you use the glue, you will need to ensure that the surface is dust-free and dirt-free. This is because the dirt and dust can affect how well the glue bonds to the laminate flooring. 

Once the baseboard is as clean as it can be, you can now apply the glue. Apply the glue to the top and the bottom of the baseboard. Once you’ve done this, you should bring the surfaces close together. Once the baseboard is in the correct position, you should ideally hold in in place with tape. If you don’t have any tape, keep the baseboard in place by placing something heavy against it. Wait at least 24 hours before you remove the tape of the heavy object. Your baseboard should now look as good as new. 

Laminate Flooring 

Floor repair with glue
Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

When laminate flooring needs repairing, it can cause issues. Gaps in flooring or pieces of laminate that have come unstuck can be hard to walk on. Trips and slips can be caused by loose laminate flooring. The good news is that glue can help to resolve the issue. 

Make sure that you use glue that’s water-based or solvent-based as they work the best. You’ll want to ensure that you place the glue in the right area. To do this, you should consider placing some glue onto a brush. Once you have applied the glue to the laminate, you’ll need to push the laminate down so that it sticks. If you really want to make sure that the laminate stays in place, you should stick a pile of books or other heavy objects on top of it. Leave for 24 hours to make sure the glue is dry. 


Let’s imagine that you have broken a dish. If you want to keep the dish, the glue will help. You will only need as much glue as it takes to repair the dish. Using a toothpick, apply a think coating of glue. Make sure you apply the glue in a thin coat and only to the edges of one of the broken pieces. Once you have applied the glue, be sure to stick it to the main piece very carefully. You should try to hold the broken piece in place until the glue is dried. 

As you can see, some very simple and easy repairs using glue. Just make sure you have enough glue so that you can complete the jobs properly. If you still have some glue left when the job is complete, make sure you put the lid or cap back on the glue. This will ensure that you can use it the next time you need it. 

Featured Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay