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End of Tenancy To Hire a Professional Cleaner or Not?

There is nothing that compares to living in a place that is your own. A place you can call home and come back to at the end of every stressful day. If and when you do get one, it will be your most valued possession. But it does involve a lot of responsibilities like fixing any malfunctions and doing repairs, not to mention the quite hefty initial price. This is why a lot of people prefer living in rentals, which comes with fewer responsibilities. The downside is it’s not your place. One responsibility that comes with renting is making sure the place is in good condition when you do decide to move out. For families, most of the time, the father will choose to do the repairs while the mother will want to do the cleaning. 

It is possible to handle repairs on your own, fixing dents and replacing broken windows and the likes, but can a mother handle the end of tenancy cleaning on her own? Or is it better to contact a professional cleaning service? Here’s why it is always better if professionals do the end of lease cleaning.

Different kind of cleaning

Most mothers like to take care of the general hygiene of the place while living there, which is quite understandable. They do everything from mopping to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, dusting, and so on. But when it is time to move out of the property, you will need a different kind of cleaning. Chances are, the landlord hired a cleaning service to thoroughly handle the place before you moved in, covering every corner and dusting behind every piece of furniture. This level of thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail is difficult for a working mother or even a stay-at-home one who has children to take care of and a million other tasks to do. 

Too much effort for one person

As mentioned earlier, the mother usually cleans the house, but she seldom does it all at once. It’s often a bathroom or a kitchen at a time. To perform a thorough and perfect cleaning of a large house at the end of tenancy would be next to impossible for one person, and it would entail too much effort. A professional cleaning service, on the other hand, sends as many people as needed to cover the entire house. 

Saves time

Time Saving
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Even if the mother found the energy, it would take to clean the property on her own. It would just take too much time. Things get too hectic at the end of a tenancy, and there are a million things to take care of and a lot of kinks to iron out. So, cleaning would consume too much time that could be better spent packing or preparing the new property. Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures that you won’t have to worry about a thing while they come and clean the entire place within hours, giving you the time you need for other, more pressing matters. 

The necessary equipment

You can rest assured that most mothers have a lot of detergents and mops lying around the place, ready to come out whenever possible to tidy up the area and make sure there isn’t any dust or dirt. But the fact is, a professional cleaning service doesn’t just have your average household supplies purchased from any local supermarket. They have high-grade detergents that ensure maximum efficiency and the best results you can get. And you need this level of thoroughness and that high quality for an end of tenancy clean. 


No one is questioning a mother’s credentials when it comes to cleaning her house, but in the end, their expertise comes from practice and the fact that they’ve done this for a long time. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, actually receive training and even certifications on how to best clean a property. They have both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to ensure your place will never look better. This kind of expertise also means they know the spots that most people miss. As well as the areas that could cause problems if left unclean.  

Your safety 

While cleaning might seem like a trivial task to some, it can entail a lot of risks. There is absolutely no reason for you to do the cleaning yourself when there are trained workers who do this for a living. Trying to clean a window on the outside can be quite dangerous. Going inside an oven to clean it is less than fun, too. These are the kinds of tasks that need to be left for professionals, both for your safety and comfort, because there’s no sense in doing this when you can hire someone else to do it. 

Saving money

While most people dislike the idea of hiring cleaning services because they think it will cost them too much money, it’s the other way around. Professional cleaners will save you money because they come with their supplies—so you don’t need to buy any—and they also know how to handle themselves around a property. So, there’s less chance of a TV falling off while dusting, or a plate breaking, or any of the possible accidents that could happen while cleaning. 

Guaranteeing security deposit 

The security deposit is perhaps the most important reason for hiring a professional cleaning service for a lot of people. You want your security deposit back. You can rest assured that the landlord will come to inspect the general condition and hygiene of the place. And they have no reason to give you the deposit back if they find mold or unclean spots. 

A mother could be tempted to go about cleaning the property on her own. But it’s just too much effort and time when other tasks need her attention. Professional cleaners will make your life a lot easier, and they will save you money in the long run. When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, seeking professional help is the wiser choice.