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Essential Tips For Packing Diaper Bag

As new parents, you must be overwhelmed with loads of emotions and responsibilities. Caring for a newborn baby is a 24-hours job, especially for new mothers who want to be on their baby’s side every hour, sleep or awake. Talking about parenthood, guess who or what will be your new inseparable best friend? Yes, you guessed this one right: we are talking about the one and only: the diaper bag. 

In case you are wondering, the activity of packing diaper bags will get you through the initial years of parenthood. If, by chance, you forget the diaper bag at home while you are hitting the road, you will be walking/ running/ driving all those miles back home to retrieve it as you cannot do without it.

If you are new to motherhood or parenthood and still unsure what should be inside your diaper bag, here is our checklist that will help you get through the day (and the night). 

The Essentials of a Diaper Bag

Let us have a look at the essentials without which you cannot do. Here are the essential items that all moms and dads need to have in their diaper bags: 


Understandably, diapers have made it to the top of our list: initially, you will require at least one diaper that will need to be changed after every two hours. Pack as many diapers as you will need according to this estimate. If you will be using cloth diapers, be sure to add some plastic bags for the soiled diapers.

Baby Wipes

You don’t have to pack the entire packet of baby wipes in your diaper bag. You can use a Ziploc to store the baby wipes. The wipes will also stay moist in any plastic bag. The wipes won’t only come in handy in cleaning the baby, but they will also come in handy for cleaning your hands after you have cleaned your baby. 

Disposable Sacks

Speaking of burp cloths, you ought to pack as many as you will need. Keep them small-sized as you will need a handful of these for the soiled diapers and burp cloths. Ass some washcloths in the diaper bag as well. 

Hand Sanitizer

Given the current condition of the pandemic, you will need to pack a hand sanitizer in your diaper bag as well. You might need to use the public restroom, and you will want to not take any potential health risks. Use the hand sanitizer before and after you have changed the diaper of your baby/ toddler. 

Baby Food and Snacks

You will need to pack some baby food, such as instant formula baby milk or breast milk. If you have a toddler, you might want to pack some snacks for them and yourself as well. If you know, you know that the hunger pangs can plague anyone at any time. 

Baby Blanket/ Sunscreen

If your toddler is six months or older, you will need to apply sunscreen as well. A light blanket is also mandatory as you never know when the weather might take an unexpected cold turn. 

Final Thoughts

The diaper bag contains so much more than diapers – it is your ultimate savior, ready to deal with any messy situation, your hunger pangs, and whatever else life throws your way.

Featured Image by Olivia Murtagh from Pixabay