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Footwear Trends That We Are Glad Are Back

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The fashion world is always changing and evolving. Some footwear trends come and go, some never return, and others fade away only to resurface years later.

And it’s no different when it comes to footwear brands. While there are timeless essentials that never go out of style, there are footwear brands that resurge from the proverbial grave.

We’ve rounded up some footwear trends that we’re excited to see making a comeback. From chunky dad sneakers to kitten heels, these are trending styles right now.

1. Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers have been around for years, and they’re not going anywhere. But the unique thing about sneakers nowadays lies in their functionality. Sneakers have evolved from being something you wear daily to becoming a runway and red carpet fashion statement.

Designer brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Givenchy have all put their unique spin on the classic sneaker. A few sneaker styles that have been particularly popular lately include:

  • chunky dad sneakers
  • Hightop Basketball
  • Minimalist
  • Old School

With so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, there’s a pair of fashionable sneakers for everyone. If you already own some sneakers that have been collecting dust lately, now is the time to break them out and put them back into rotation.

2. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a shorter and more delicate version of the traditional pump. They usually have a slim heel between one and two inches tall.

Kitten heels were popularized in the 1960s by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. And while they’ve been around for decades, their popularity has skyrocketed over recent years.

Kitten heels are the perfect way to add a feminine touch to any outfit. Although the style is more popular among the Gen Z folk, there’s no reason why millennials can’t rely on these easy heels!

3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel that is often made of leather. It’s sleek, stylish, and versatile, making it a popular choice for any daring person’s wardrobe.

Chelsea boots took their name from the affluent Chelsea district in London, where they first emerged.

The style became popular in the 1960s in the Mod scene and has been a fashion staple ever since. Except for the highly-elegant tuxedo, Chelsea boots with the most formal and sophisticated attire go well. They can also be rocked with a pair of jeans for a more casual look.

4. Mules

A type of footwear that’s getting more popular by the hour, mules may not seem like much. But with a heightened focus on comfort and functionality in the fashion world, the beloved mule shoes have been brought to new heights. 

These shoes are unique because they don’t have back or constricting straps, making them easy to slip on and wear. 

Mules come in various styles, from simple and chic to bold and colorful. And because they’re so easy to slip on and off, they’re the perfect choice for those hot summer days.

Mules pair well with summer dresses and wide-legged trousers. If you’re looking for a cool summer shoe, mules are the way to go.

5. Crocs

Crocs footwear
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That’s right; Crocs are back. The lightweight and comfortable shoes were once a fashion faux pas. But now, they’re enjoying a resurgence in popularity among celebrities and everyday people alike.

Crocs come in various colors and styles, from the classic clog to the more fashionable flats. And with Jibbitz charms, you can even personalize your Crocs to make them truly your own.

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Crocs are getting more attention these days. So if you’re looking to show your support with bold footwear trends like crocs, grab a pair of them and rock them with pride.

6. Sporty Sandals

Sporty sandals are the perfect choice for those who want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The athleisure trend has been rising in recent years, and sporty sandals have been riding the trend from the reigns.

These easy slides come in various styles, from slides to lace-ups. Depending on the occasion, they can be dressed up or down, but it’s usually best to buy one made out of refined material for a more classy touch.

7. Platform Shoes

While these shoes have been all the rage back in the ’90s, they’re slowly making their way back into the fashion world.

Platformed shoes are identified by the thick platform sitting beneath the shoe’s sole. The chunky, flat heel adds extra stability and comfort, making it a popular choice for the comfort-conscious crowd.

Platformed shoes can be dressy or casual, depending on the style. They pair well with jeans, skirts, and dresses. And because of their added support, they’re one of the best shoes for those who are always on their feet.

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