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Full vs Queen: A Mattress Size Comparison Guide

Today, the mattress market is increasing at a fast pace. Mattresses are being manufactured keeping in mind the body requirements of the mass. People are opting for more comfortable mattresses and discarding their old mattresses. Someone sleeping on an old mattress will experience a lot of pain in the back and joints. As the mattress ages, it becomes too stiff and deformed, which in turn hurts your back. The sign of a deformed mattress is that it will have dips at places where you sleep. Sleeping on a bad mattress means you will lack sleep resulting in bad health, both physical and mental.

You must also have a clean and hygienic mattress because if your mattress is unclean, it is infested with dust mites that might bite you and cause severe allergies. There are many types of mattresses now available in the market, such as hybrid, latex, memory foam, innerspring, etc. Just like the types of mattresses, there are a variety of mattress sizes available in the market as well. Out of the available sizes, the full-size mattress and the queen-size mattress are popular among people and have positive reviews.


Full-size mattresses are also known as double-size mattresses and have a dimension of 54 inches by 74 inches. These mattresses are great for teenagers and adults. These are ideal to be placed in small bedrooms, guest rooms, studio apartments, or kid’s rooms. These mattresses are not heavyweight and can be moved around easily. These beds are less expensive than most other big beds. These beds are not suitable for couples who need extra space for themselves on the bed or for tall adults.


queen-sized mattress
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A queen-size mattress has a dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches. These mattresses are bigger than full-size mattresses by seven inches in breadth and five inches in length. These mattresses are in much demand in the market because of their appropriate size. These mattresses are for single adults who like some extra space or couples who like to sleep close together. These are perfect for guest’s rooms as well. These mattresses are a bit more expensive than full mattresses and also heavier as compared to full mattresses.


Given that you are confused between the two with which one to buy, you need to compare full v/s queen size bed dimensions and other aspects before buying. The dimension of a full-size bed is 54 inches by 74 inches, and that of a queen-size bed is 60 inches by 80 inches. Some other aspects that need to be compared are:

ROOM SIZE: If you have a room size of 10 by 10 feet, you can opt for a queen-size bed. A full-size bed takes less space than a queen-size bed. Therefore, if your room is a bit small, then you can go for a full-size bed.

ACCESSORIES: Both queen-size beds and full-size beds can accommodate two pillows, and according to your need, you can adjust the pillows. As the queen-size bed is larger than the full-size bed, then the price of the accessories of the queen-size bed would be more than the full-size bed.

BUDGET: If a person has a small budget, then he or she should buy a full-size mattress as queen-size beds are expensive compared to full-size beds.

BED SIZE: You must measure the size of your bed and then buy the mattress. If your bed is smaller than 60 by 80 inches, then you must buy a full-size mattress, and if your bed is large, then you can buy a queen-size mattress or, in that case, any other mattress size.

HEIGHT: If you are a tall person who needs a lot of leg space, you should buy a queen-sized bed rather than a full-size bed.

Below are some other sizes. A few of them are:


king-sized bed
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A king-size mattress has a size of 76 inches by 80 inches. Its size is the same as two twin XL mattresses. These mattresses are fit for large rooms and families. They are the most popular size available. It is the perfect bed for couples who sleep with a kid or pet. It has a huge weight so it is hard to move it around and it’s a bit expensive as well.


The size of split king mattresses is 38 inches by 80 inches, the same as two Twin XL beds. It can be used as a single unit or can be combined with a king-size bed. These beds can give the couples their personal space without disturbing each other. A split king can come with an adjustable bed that allows the partners to choose their position. These mattresses provide no motion transfer. These mattresses are more expensive than king-size beds, and assembling these beds is a tough task. Also, the gap between the beds causes uneasiness.


One can get confused between split king and king-sized beds because they share the same name. Now the question that arises is that is a split king is bigger than a king? A split king is two twin XL beds attached to a king-size bed. So the overall size of a split king is the same as that of the king-size bed. Split king is a king-size bed divided in the middle.

Other aspects that are needed to be considered before choosing which one to buy are:

ROOM SIZE: If you have a large room, then you definitely can buy a king-size bed, but if you have a smaller room, then you can use separately the single unit of the split king whose size matches that of one twin XL bed.

SLEEPING PARTNER: If you are sleeping with a partner and a kid, then you can buy a king-size mattress. But if your partner is not so comfortable sharing their bed space with you while sleeping, you can buy split king mattresses.

BUDGET: If you have a small budget, you should buy a king-size mattress because a split king bed cost is higher.

SIZE OF BED: Both the mattresses need the same dimensioned bed as the sizes are the same, but if you and your partner need different bed frames, you must buy the split king bed.


It is totally up to you which mattress you want to buy and which one will perfectly suit you. It is always advised to look for online reviews. You must be aware of frauds and always buy a mattress from a place that provides a good warranty of up to 7 to 10 years.

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