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Guide To Custom Motorcycle Insurance

As a bike enthusiast, you would like to make the most of these robust machines. Customizing your bike is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. It’s the appeal of uniqueness that motivates bikers to modify their vehicles. If you’ve got your motorcycle customized or modified, you might find it difficult to insure it. However, like any other vehicle, you need to purchase adequate insurance for your custom bike as well.

The joy and pride that tag along with customization are worth the modification costs. Reputed insurance specialists like Surex can help you choose the right insurance policy for these machines, depending on your requirements. Visit this site to consult these experts.

In most cases, owners of custom motorcycles would not get any direct quote online. They need to coordinate with an insurance agent over the telephone or in person. In this post, you will come across a comprehensive guide on how you can insure your custom motorcycle.

What Are Custom And Modified Motorcycles?

Bike owners often want their vehicles to look different. With specialized assistance, they mix and juggle parts from other machines. At times, they purchase custom-made parts to induct some specialty into their bikes. Besides, some owners approach custom bike manufacturers, who hand over bespoke machines as per the owner’s specific requirements.

Customization often stems from the need to prioritize a certain quality of the bike. This can be its styling, mileage, efficiency, practicality, or performance. With modified parts, the chassis or engine gets an upgrade. Also, modified parts may occasionally turn out to be cheaper than the original ones.

Bike owners often get the silencer or exhaust system customized. Some modified bikes also have additional mechanisms or bodywork to carry luggage.

Insuring Your Custom Motorcycle: How To Go About It?

Firstly, don’t expect to find a standard quote for premiums if you have already modified your bike. Instead, talk to the agent or the insurer and help them understand the extent of modification. Most owners send photos of the modified parts to provide insurers complete clarity of the custom features.

As an owner, you invest money and time to tailor your bikes. Naturally, you share an emotional attachment with your motorcycle. Most custom bike owners are ready to shell out the necessary premiums to secure their vehicles. If you have heavily modified your bike, you need to consult the referral team of the insurer. These insurers have their in-house experts who carry in-depth knowledge about motorcycles. These professionals can gauge the value of your special bike and accordingly provide you with a quote.

Common Modifications Or Custom Features That Get Insured

Most insurers cover the following modifications at reasonable rates:

  • Bar-ends that are present at the end of the handle-bars
  • Altered air filters that you may integrate to enhance performance and airflow
  • Braking or throttle adaptations for disabled people
  • Braided hoses to ensure better performance of the braking system
  • Stickers and decals to replicate sports motorcycles
  • Modified exhaust systems to enhance looks and performance
  • Gripper pads that you attach to the side of your tank
  • Heated grips that can help you retain normal body temperature in colder environments
  • Customized mirrors, lights, and indicators for cosmetic purposes
  • Rear huggers that protect the bike’s underside from rain and dirt
  • Replaced seats to ensure better comfort to the riders

Which Custom Motorcycle Insurance Should You Opt For?

You might find yourself in a tricky situation while zeroing in on the right kind of custom motorcycle insurance. Your agent or insurer might recommend special coverage for any additional part, if necessary. Generally, you’ll have the following policies to choose from:

1. Third-Party Liability Cover

This policy would financially secure you against all the expenses you are likely to incur if you are at fault during an accident. Third-party liability cover includes bodily injuries as well as damage to a third party’s property. Therefore, this policy would not secure you or your motorcycle but the other party’s property involved in an accident. It would also include the legal expenses you bear and any other repair costs for fences, boulevards, and other properties.

2. Collision Coverage

This type of coverage would protect your vehicle against damages sustained from collisions against objects other than vehicles. In this case, you can get the repair costs compensated by the insurer.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage would secure your custom bike against both natural and artificial disasters. This includes vandalism, theft, riots, flood, earthquake, etc. It makes sense to have comprehensive coverage in place to secure your prized possession against perils.

4. OEM Parts

This is an optional coverage that would secure the original parts of your bike. Of course, if you have something costly or special on your bike, you should try your best to safeguard it. Besides, it’s pretty standard for custom bike owners to purchase insurance coverages for custom equipment and accessories.

5. Bodily Injury And Medical Expenses

At times, accidents are quite severe and may lead to hospitalization. The medical bills might hurt your pockets. Although Bodily Injury coverage is optional, it would be wise to purchase one for yourself. This would cover all the medical expenses following an accident, in addition to compensating you for your bodily injuries.

6. Uninsured And Underinsured Insurance

Sometimes, accidents may occur due to someone else’s fault. In these cases, the other driver is likely to compensate for your losses from their liability insurance. However, if the person does not have liability insurance, or the amount is not enough to fully cover you, this policy would come in handy to make up for the losses.


The key difference between a custom bike and ordinary bike insurance is that the agent individually decides the value of each unique part in the latter case. They then provide you with a quote. As a thumb rule, the more modifications you make, the higher the premium you’ll have to shell out. If you’re unsure how to insure your custom motorcycle, reach out to an insurance specialist such as Surex for professional advice.

Featured Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst