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How to Deal with Rejection as an Actor?

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Landing on to the first audition in the career path of becoming an actor isn’t easy at all! Going on to attend the audition with so much confidence and optimism and then facing those inevitable rejections, dealing, and coping is hard. It isn’t a cakewalk or a park walk! Every actor has to answer two questions in their lifetime, even the established ones have to- “What project are you working on right now?” and “how do you cope up with all those rejections? Isn’t it hard?”

Whether you are in the industry or not, rejection and acting go hand in hand! Every aspiring artist should remember that you cannot shy away from performing, neither should you take the shortcuts, and you have to stand up every time you fall! Obviously, some hardships will lead you to depression, upset, fury, lamenting, and even self-deprecation- but you have to view it as an experience.

We have mentioned a few ways to deal with rejection as an actor or an artist; take a look! 

Tips for Dealing with Rejection as an actor

Let’s admit that rejection isn’t fun to deal with, especially when you have your career dependent on becoming an artist or a performer. Still, it is a learning experience that will take you a long way with all the positives that you expect. 

1.      Be Practical, and that’s what will save you!

Do you think the top celebrities might have never faced rejections or so? Yes, they absolutely would have! Secondly, think about how many actors are there in your city or your town? If you are talking about New York, then you have got a lot! But you need to believe that you are unique, different, and sexy in your own ways. None can beat you, and you have to accept it! Think about the auditions that you will attend; let it’s 10:2, but yet you will have two at least! Once you show off your talent, no one can refuse to hire you. Trust me. You will be rejected many times then you will be accepted, but there will be companies and time- which will get you the job! 

Don't give up
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2.      You have to get over it

When I got rejected the first time for the singing audition I gave, I spewed out anger mixed with frustration and many self-doubts. There is nothing with having these feelings when you have been rejected, but you should stand up once again and gain back the self-confidence that you lost because of one rejection. Trust me. Many rejections have nothing to do with your skills or looks; sometimes, it could be the roles or the production, and even the budget! Never try to figure out the reason for your rejection. Just get over it, and believe that there are plenty of opportunities waiting out there- JUST FOR YOU!

 3.      Be Strategic

Sometimes, you cannot just sit and try for other auditions; you just have to get out there and do things on your own. Plan something straight after your audition schedule; it could be a coffee with your special one or your buddy. Or, probably, meet that person who always motivates you, no matter how many times you fall- that person just lifts you up! If you have no one, then go to the internet and put your embarrassment out there. Ask for coping mechanisms, know about other people’s rejection experiences and trust me, you will feel better- because YOU’RE NOT ALONE! 

4.      Acknowledge your mistakes and rectify them for your next!

Well, at times, it’s your fault; it’s because you didn’t perform well. Always remember to learn from your experiences. You cannot just walk out of your meeting and keep making excuses about how unfair or unequal your casting director was. After your audition, get back home and try making a list of everything that you did on the job. Be honest with yourself but never be harsh on yourself, and there’s a difference. Once you figure out your mistakes and where did you go wrong, try to rectify them and be prepared for your next audition. We are humans, and we make mistakes, and it’s completely okay, but not learning from those mistakes is definitely a big mistake! 


If Jim Carrey can make his living inside a tent, and if Daniel Craig can sleep on a park bench and still make so much out of their acting skills on the big screen- YOU CAN TOO! Imagine the rejections they would have faced, and if they can cope up, YOU CAN TOO! Hunter Talent can help you with fixing up and booking your auditions according to your skills. Try and never give up! Trust me, it works only if you believe!

Featured Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay