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How to Encourage Peace & Serenity Within Your Home as a Parent

Running after kids all day long and having an endless list of chores to do can be an incredibly stressful experience for parents. This is why experts always recommend that parents try to encourage peace and serenity within the home. A peaceful ambiance is a fantastic way of helping lower stress levels for both parents and children. In today’s article, we look at some fantastic tips that I have put to practice to encourage serenity and peace in my home environment. Read on to find out more.

Peace Begins With a Good Night’s Sleep

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Do you notice how much crankier both you and the kids are when lacking in sleep? Crankiness and general poor moods are often associated with inadequate amounts of sleep. As a parent, you need to be well-rested to tackle the day’s activities. Similarly, kids need adequate amounts of rest to perform well at school and stay alert. I find that one of the best and simplest ways of ensuring everyone gets proper rest is to turn off all devices and electricals at least an hour before bed. This means switching the computer, TV, and phones off and allowing the family to unwind before bed. Block out curtains have also been a fantastic addition to the bedrooms in my home as they prevent light from entering the room and potentially affecting our quality of sleep. 

Get Rid Of Clutter

Peace and serenity most definitely do not go hand in hand with clutter. A home that is full of clutter is a home that is not just unsightly but also potentially hazardous to young children. Things strewn around the place could prove to be choking hazards, while general clutter could possibly create danger zones in the home where children may trip or fall over. Clutter is also often associated with stress and mess, which is why I highly recommend spending a day or two getting rid of unwanted items and creating a more minimalist space where everyone can rest and unwind at the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer you feel when your home isn’t full of random, unwanted objects that have accumulated over the years. 

Utilize Music

When tempers are flaring, and children are screaming, one of the best ways to lighten and calm the mood down is with the aid of music. Music has a very therapeutic effect on human beings and turning on some classical tunes, or zen music is a great way of calming the kids and yourself down. Music has great power of suggestion qualities that can subconsciously influence your children and allow their volatile emotions to settle. 

Set Technology Boundaries

Limit TV
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If your children are at the age where they are glued to their phones or laptops, it is important that you set technology boundaries within the home. Setting clear boundaries that detail exactly where technology can and cannot be used around the home, is a great way to ensure that everyone is fully present during dinner or family time. There is nothing more stressful than trying to spend some quality time with your family but not being able to have their full attention because they are scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. Constantly pings or alerts also tend to keep us on edge or affect the quality of sleep. 

Speak Calmly

I get it – kids can really push your buttons on some days. However, one thing I have learned as a mum is that raising your voice can cause more stress than necessary. Speaking calmly to your children, as difficult as it may be at certain times, is the best way to not just diffuse situations but also ensure that your home is kept in a peaceful and serene state at all times. Instead of yelling or screaming, speaking in a firm-yet-calm tone is one of the best ways to maintain peace and serenity at home. 

Soothe The Senses

Last but certainly by no means least, it is important that parents learn how to soothe their senses. Whether this means having fresh flowers in every room or purchasing an essential oil diffuser, do what you can to indulge all your senses. Purchase luxury sheets that will allow you to truly relax and unwind after a stressful day. Hang a windchime and delight at the sounds it makes. Light some scented candles once all the day’s tasks have been completed. I guarantee that these little touches will reduce your stress levels and help maintain peace and harmony in the home. 

Allow Space For Mess

Bring Peace to a messy room
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If you have kids, chances are your home is never going to be 100% mess-free. Instead of fretting over it, I recommend allowing some space for a mess. Whether this is designating a room where the kids play with their toys in or just having a dedicated space for clutter, toys, and other items, allowing space for mess is the best way to stop yourself from stressing out all day long. Instead of spending hours running around the entire house having to pick up after the kids, containing the “mess” to one room or one area of the home will allow you to keep the rest of your space pristine with minimal effort. 


And there you have it – some tips from my home to yours about how you can promote peace and serenity within your home as a parent. I wish you the best in your peace-creating endeavors! 

Featured Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash