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How to Remotely Set Up a Business Serving US Customers

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The recommendable business structure you should consider when starting a business in the US is a Limited Liability Company or an LLC. This is because LLCs allow individuals to take advantage of the benefits of partnerships, business structures, and corporations. The main benefit of LLCs is that it protects you as the business owner from personal liability like your personal assets in most instances when you set up a business.

Another structure of the business you can consider is a corporation. In this, liabilities and obligations brought upon by a company operation are separated; hence, they do not become the owners’ responsibility. The state’s existing laws regulate the business structures.

For a successful business, you should never violate your employees’ rights. Employment attorneys such as HKM employment attorneys in Minneapolis will protect their rights if you do so.

The following are steps on how to set up a business serving US customers remotely;

Choose the Type of Business Structure You want

Choose either between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation. This business does not require you to be a citizen of the US. So, to set up an LLC or a Corporation, you can either be a US citizen or a non-US citizen.

An added advantage about these two types of business structures is that they have no restricted number of owners, and they do not limit you from being a member because you are a member of other companies.

Choose Where You Want to Locate Your Business

The second step is to choose a remote area where you want to start up your business. The place you choose to start your business depends on the kind of business and why you are forming the business. This is because some places in the US are more business-friendly than others.

Obtaining Legal Requirements to Form Your Business

After deciding the type of business to form and identifying where you want to locate it, obtaining the legal requirements follows. The legal requirements include;

  • Choosing the company’s name. You should choose the best name to give to your company or business. The people responsible for this work will have to search to ensure that the name is available in your chosen state. If it is not appearing, you have to be contacted to make additional choices until one appears to be available.
  • Hire a registered agent. A registered agent is provided in any state. This is a company or a person having a physical address in the state of formation and should be available during business hours and should accept and sign the official legal and the state documents on behalf of the company or business.
  • Provide the names and addresses of people or the companies involved, including the members, directors, and officers.
  • Acquire a Federal Employer Identification Number. This is an identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service of the US that acts as an identification number for companies. This is optional.

Other Tasks

After your business structure has been filed, you might do other tasks depending on your requirements and other business purposes. These tasks include;

  • Open a US bank account for easier US payment and transaction methods.
  • Design a company logo and build a website. A company’s website provides credibility and is required by the US vendors for application.
  • Open a US merchant account. This is a relationship created with the bank to allow businesses to accept credit cards, for example, MasterCard and Visa.

Following these steps will help you remotely set up a business serving US customers.

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