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How to Seek Help for Addiction: Help Yourself and Your Family

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Addiction is a scary word, and that’s completely understandable, but the reality is that it happens, and it happens to everyone, no matter your background, your circumstances, or your surroundings. The most significant and most difficult step throughout all of it is admitting that an addiction is present and seeking help. But what happens then? Many people would have no idea where to start looking for help, much less the steps needed to make it happen.

Many of us have friends and family members who would be understanding in times of a crisis such as this and be willing to set aside their own misgivings to help in any way they could, or at least in some ways. However, many people do not have that kind of support in their circle, and for them, this undertaking may seem even more daunting. But no matter who you are and what kinds of resources you have at your disposal, getting help for addiction is possible, and rebuilding your life is completely doable.

Finding Help is Easy and Completely Confidential

To find a treatment center and get started on your journey to wellness, all you need is a phone or a computer. There are a huge number of resources available, and it is easy to keep your information and your questions completely confidential. With the online resources available today, you don’t even have to talk to a person to get information about treatment centers available in your area. To start, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is available both online and by a confidential phone call at 1-800-662-HELP.

Treatment Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

There is a common misconception in the world that drug and alcohol treatment centers are incredibly expensive, ritzy places that only celebrities and entertainers can afford, full of spa-like treatments and IV therapy, but this simply isn’t true. Some of the best treatment centers are run to help those people who couldn’t otherwise get help for themselves. In many cases, rehabilitation may be low-cost or even free to a patient, whether it’s CA rehabs that take NYSHIP, government-funded centers for veterans, or some other program designed to help people recover. Rebuilding your life is completely doable, one step at a time.

Calm Your Fears With Knowledge

Reaching out for help when you are battling an addiction can be a terrifying thing some people have ever experienced. The thought of questioning their friends or family members or having their own experiences shoved back at them can cause many people to feel that it is easier to stay in a cycle of addiction as opposed to breaking it. While this is a completely rational fear, the reality is that addiction has only one path. To help combat this, learning about addiction, about different types of treatment available, and even reading accounts of others who have gone through these types of battles can be extremely freeing and empowering.

Talk to Someone You Trust

Whether a friend, a family member, or a medical professional, it is possible to talk about this issue with someone you trust. Good relationships are about helping each other through difficult times. This can be any kind of relationship – a partner, friend, family member, or even acquaintance who may be experienced with something similar. Many of those who struggle with addiction problems also struggle with asking for help, but in most cases, getting that help is as simple as asking. Many family members express how grateful they are after the fact that a person reached out to ask for help, even if there was contention there in the past.

Another thing that may help many overcome the hump to ask for help is recognizing that they may be helping others. Statistics show that over 20 million Americans suffer from substance use disorder, which is another name for addiction. People are often caught up in other people’s stories and take strength and even action from hearing them. Perhaps in the course of your quest for help, someone you will reach out to is fighting their own battles and takes courage from your courage or strength from your strength. No, struggling with addiction isn’t easy, but getting help can be.

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