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How to Switch Things Up Ever So Slightly

Everyone needs a change now and then, but who has the time or money for something big and dramatic? Some blogs discuss quitting your job and traveling the world to add some spark back into your life. We know that it’s not always that easy. Especially if you have a family and you truly need that job, you’d be quitting to make ends meet. A small alteration can make a big impact if done in the right way and with the best of intentions. We’re here to discuss a few minimal ways you can switch things up without dropping everything and booking a one-way trip to Costa Rica!

Transform your image

Many of us feel like the path to change begins and ends with fashion. Wearing new clothes can help you look and feel better about yourself, but what if you’re happy with the way you dress? Something quick and instantaneous might be what you’re after. So what about a new hairstyle? We all know how a good hair day can boost our confidence! There’s nothing shallow about it. When you’re happy with your appearance, it’s only natural that your self-assurance skyrockets too – and isn’t that what we all want?

Have you been looking in the bathroom mirror and seeing the same haircut for the last few years? A change could work wonders and inject some needed excitement into your life. Dyeing your hair or even adding some highlights are both fun possibilities, but if you prefer something more radical, then go shorter with a pixie cut, a bob, or even the trending lob hairstyle. There are many possibilities for lighter hair that look amazing on people with different hair types and face shapes. A small alteration can make a big impact.

Meet new people and expand your friend circle

If you’re a full-time mother or even working part-time, you might think that getting any time to socialize is next to impossible. You might see an old friend for coffee now and then, but meeting new people sounds scary and time-consuming, right? Wrong. It’s great to expand your friend network, especially if you moved to a new city and don’t have so much free time. There are a lot of mom groups who regularly meet up, even if it’s just once a week, to chat and share stories of the fun times and challenges of motherhood.

Many of these groups are online. The meeting times and places sometimes change every week. is perhaps the best of the bunch, as it caters to a lot of different interests and schedules.

Enjoy learning something new or pick up an old hobby again

In between parenting, working, and spending time with your partner, we bet there’s always a moment to squeeze in a hobby or two. Perhaps you used to be pretty good at Spanish and want to relearn some sentences for an upcoming trip to Spain. Or maybe you’re inspired by all those entrepreneur moms who turn a knitting hobby into a genuine business!

Whatever it is, a hobby can be something you spend 30 minutes a day, a few times a week doing. Anything that gives your brain challenge (even Sudoku or a crossword) that is enjoyable, and something to escape into, is good for our mental health. A small alteration can make a big impact.