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Juggling Sick Children (Free Printable!)

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What do you do when your children are sick?

If a toddler is sick, it is bad enough, but when you have two children to take care of – it is worse. On top of that, you might be catching what they have. While taking care of your children, you need to teach them how to wash their hands to keep from spreading the virus.

Last month, Heidi emailed and described a scenario that you may be familiar with:

All three of her kids were sick, and she wasn’t feeling all that great herself. As she dealt with symptoms and medication, she was having trouble keeping track of days, times, and dosages, which she does easily when there’s just one sick child.

Recently, our family had a nasty virus followed by our very first ear infections, all of which lasted over two weeks, and I know what Heidi means all too well. By the end, I could hardly keep track of who had what medicine when, how long they’d been sick or when certain symptoms developed.

To solve this issue, I created this symptom/medicine tracker.

I debated whether to make it more detailed, but in the end, I decided to stick with simple so that you could keep track of multiple kids on one page (or if you only have one sick child, you could just use each section consecutively).

Use this printable to track the date & time of symptoms, medication, and other treatments, so you don’t have to worry about overdosing. Plus, you’ll be able to describe the exact progression of the illness to the doctor if you need to!

Click here download or print the free symptom/medicine tracker (full sheet).

Click here download or print the free symptom/medicine tracker (half sheet).

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