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Maintaining Your Garden During Lockdown

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The Top 10 Tips on How to Maintain Your Garden During Lockdown

As many countries have gone into lockdown, people have started coming up with different ideas to reignite old passions to pass their time. One of the most ideal ways to spend this quarantine period is in your garden. It is a valuable life skill, and a productive way to spend time, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are coming back to the hobby of gardening or learning it from scratch, it can get quite frustrating when you run into problems. So here is a list of gardening problems you can solve while staying at home.

1. Clean Up Around the Garden

If you have a garden that has gone neglected due to a busy lifestyle, now is a great time to return to it. Unfortunately, you might not be able to start planting right away. You’ll have to clean up first.

To create space for your garden, you might have to tidy up the trees. It might not be as easy as trimming leaves, so you will need quality tools such as chainsaws to cut the branches. If you are in search of a good chainsaw to use, there are many options to review.  If a tree has dead limbs or if the tree is dying, you want to get it removed as soon as possible so a storm doesn’t blow it over on your house or your neighbor’s house. You will need a professional tree service company like tree service in Rancho Cucamonga that has certified experts to do the job for you.  Not only do you want the tree cut down you will want to have the stump removed as well.

Furthermore, cleaning up is also important as it will provide your plants the healthiest environment possible for their growth, so make sure to dispose of any debris lying around.

2. Build a Garden Border

No matter how big your garden is, a garden border is an essential part of any garden. It not only makes your garden beautiful but also helps reduce maintenance work like taking care of weeds.

Making a garden border might seem like a huge project to take on, but now is the best time to do it while you are stuck at home. You do not even have to worry about supplies as these can be bought online.

Moreover, when you revamp your garden with a border, you will essentially be adding your personal touch to it and make you feel more connected to further gardening projects.

3. Mow Your Lawn

Staying at home does not mean you have to let your lawn turn into a jungle. A mowed lawn looks better next to your bed of plants, and the grass will also stay healthier when you mow it.

Lawn mowing will also lead you to discover spots that might need more attention and care, such as areas where water collects and can become a breeding ground for insects.

4. Tend to Your Greenhouse

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You might be a pro gardener with a greenhouse for your plants, but that does not mean there is a shortage of gardening quests for you to take on. Cleaning your greenhouse might sound like a daunting task. However, it is both a productive and time-consuming job. It is great for quarantine.

Washing and cleaning the greenhouse will allow more light to come through, ensuring an even better environment for your plants. Additionally, the supplies needed are all household items.

5. Revive Your Houseplants

With an office job that takes up most of your time, houseplants can be a huge commitment. However, the lockdown period would be the best opportunity for you to bring them back to life.

Houseplants do not only add to the beauty of your home, but they also bring life into it. Wisely place your houseplants, so they get sufficient sunlight. You might find some plants do not thrive as well as the others, so do a little research online on the needs of your plants.

6. Search Your House for Seeds

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If you have long abandoned your efforts of gardening, you might not have potted plants at your disposal to care for during lockdown. This does not mean that you need to put on gloves and a mask to your nearest shop to buy a pack of seeds or a potted plant.

Your house contains a lot of fruits and vegetables which you can plant in your gardens such as ginger, oranges, or lemons.

7. Extract the Weeds

Weeds can be harmful to the health of your garden, so it is important to extract them. Now that you have abundant time on your hand, it is the best time to do it. Extracting them by hand is the best way if you are growing food, this way you can avoid using any unnecessary chemicals.

8. Start Composting at Home

Composting at home is more beneficial than buying it from stores. Compost is essential for gardeners as it helps incorporate nutrition in the soil for your plants and enhances their overall health.

With stores shut down, you might be wondering how to get compost. Well, you do not have to buy it when you can make it at home, plus it also reduces waste, making it an environment-friendly choice.

9. Repotting Plants

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Are the plants you set around the house dying despite all the care you give? It might be because it is time to re-pot them.

The reason why it is important to repot plants occasionally is that they can outgrow their pots. As they are planted in a restricted environment, their space is limited too.

10. Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

Your lawn might have grown dull with dead grass due to a lot of problems such as exposure to sunlight and heat, which can cause it to become dehydrated. You can bring back life to your garden by topdressing your lawn.

Topdressing consists of applying a soil mixture all over your lawn for moisture and nutrients. It can also decompose the buildup of thatch around your lawn.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a great hobby to pick up during lockdown for its immense mental benefits. Also, while you are stuck at home, it will help you to be more creative about your solutions.

Being stuck at home does not mean you cannot revive and maintain your garden; you will just have to make the most use out of what you have. Hopefully, using these hacks, your gardening journey will be much easier.

Featured Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay