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Make A Statement in Your Home by Adding These Unique Furniture Pieces

Decorating your home is something that you need to take with a lot of pride. This is where you can get to make that statement you have wanted. And you can use furniture to make that statement as they are a big part of the interior décor. 

All pieces of furniture that you add to your home can bring out the best or the worst out of it. But it’s all a matter of taste and preference when it comes to décor. Below are some of the unique furniture you can use to ensure that you make a statement in terms of décor. 

Crystal Mirror Dressing Table

When you want to make a statement, you can make any you want with a dressing table. If you have a classic one, you will put out a classy look for your home. It will have the bougie feel but still show some class that may embody your style. 

A crystal mirror dressing table isn’t something that you can find in most houses. So as much as you will send out a classy statement, you also send a unique sense of taste. And this table can stand out in a room no matter the other furniture in the room. 

By no means does this table come in cheap, majorly because of its unique nature. You can find it at a bargain price at Homesdirect 365 for only ₤334. And you get to save at least ₤265 off the original price. 

French Style Bed

Your bedroom may be the last place you think about when it comes to making a décor statement. It’s more of an intimate room where not too many people get in. but there too, you can pull off a statement with the kind of bed you have there. 

There are many bed styles that you can go for, but one that stands out is a French-style bed. A french-style bed is the type of bed that gives out a cozy feel and unique appearance while making the room lively. 

There’s isn’t much that goes around with the bed, so when you find one that emits class, it can be different. This bed is like a chesterfield type of bed with the extra suede padding at the top and has one on the lower side. The side of the bed doesn’t have any padding, though. 

The queen size of this particular bed is the one that looks great when placed at one end of the room. You can couple it with the side drawers and give a cozier look to it. The bed also allows you to have lampshades on each side of it to complete the classier look. 

Mirror Chest 3 Drawer

Mirror chests are another set of furniture pieces that you can add to give out a different décor statement. These, too, are pretty common in most houses, and they tend to look classy and unique when you have them. This chest can be placed in most rooms in the house except for the kitchen. You can start looking for flexsteel furniture near me.

When you have it in the living room, you can pair it with a table-top lampshade. The shade can be of a dull color as the chest itself shines pretty good. It will give the room a new feel and stand out as a statement in any room you have. 

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Antique French Style Floor Standing Mirror

An antique that you can also have to make a statement about your taste and style is a standing mirror. Only the bravest in society can be able to pull off this mirror as a piece of furniture. When you do, it not only stands out but also reflects well on the room. 

It will also ensure that the room looks more prominent due to the reflection it gives. When you have good lighting in the room that the mirror is in, it can help enhance the light in the area. And this mirror can be used as furniture in any room in the house. 

When you have it in the bedroom, you can have it at the bedside, just close to the windows. This will enhance the lighting in the bedroom and ensure all parts of the room get enough light. When used in the sitting room, it should be at the furthest corner from the door. 

Some furniture pieces aren’t only in the house to make the home comfortable or convenient. They are there to make a statement, and these are some of them that make a statement. They also give the house a cozy and unique feel. 

Featured Photo by Deconovo on Unsplash