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A Love Letter to Oatmeal

I am awake early on this late summer morning. The birds are chirping, and I am alone in my own peaceful world. Just me and my oatmeal. I began to write in my journal, and all I can think about is how much I love this stuff! I went to sleep thinking about how delicious it was going to be in the morning. 

There is no wonder why I am writing this love note to oatmeal. It is the best thing that has happened to me. After years of trying to lose weight and get healthier, I stumbled across it. Sure it was nothing new per se. As a child, I was given a glop in a bowl and told to eat. That scoop of nastiness was nothing at all compared to the loveliness I enjoy today. There are so many delicious ways to prepare and enjoy it. The benefits are even more amazing. Lower cholesterol and blood sugar, just to name a few. It is a small grain that delivers power-packed nutrients.


I found a recipe I love, and now I eat this super-food for breakfast every day. Overnight oats are made in the refrigerator with a delicious taist. I add fruit to increase the already high antioxidant levels. You can feel the super-food in your body. My energy levels have skyrocketed since I began my oatmeal journey. Our bodies need fiber, and oatmeal is a great source. The protein provision keeps me feeling fuller, longer. I have been able to lose weight, and my health is improving. Who knew that a low cost, rolled oat could do so much for a person. Hence the reason I am in love with oatmeal. The grain of my dreams!

Breakfast oats
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The best part is natural food companies, like Purely Elizabeth, which are a great place to get oatmeal these days. It is available prepackaged so that I can bring it with me on the run. Oats makes a great meal any time of the day. I have even begun using it in dessert recipes – if you can believe that! Crumb topping is a great way to use oatmeal. I mix in cinnamon and almonds for the perfect crunchy topping to my apple crisp. Adding a small amount to meatloaf helps keep the ingredients combined and moist. Oatmeal should be a staple in every household pantry.

Various other uses for Oatmeal

Not only do I love to eat oats, but I also use it for my skin. An oatmeal bath is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. My skin feels amazing afterward. The anti-itching properties in this all-natural grain are to die for. I even use it on my dog. He gets itchy skin spots sometimes, and I just make a paste with ground up oatmeal and warm water. After it sits on the itchy spots for 10 minutes or so, I rinse it off. My pup feels ten times better, and his itchiness is relieved. My entire family benefits from oatmeal. No wonder I love this stuff!

Oatmeal satisfies my family in so many ways. The other day the kids and I made play dough using it. We loved the texture. Including my children in my love for this little grain is important to me. Not only are they reaping the health benefits from the many new recipes I’ve made, but they are learning natural ways to care for their body, skin, and hair. Speaking of hair, I am trying an all-natural dry shampoo recipe next week. The feature ingredient – you guessed it – oatmeal! There are so many amazing things you can do with oatmeal. The possibilities are endless. I’ve made facial scrubs, soaps, and even bath bombs with it. Looking back, I don’t know how I made it without oatmeal all those years. Growing up has it’s advantages, like rediscovering oatmeal.

The power of the Oat

It truly is the little things in life that make all the difference. So in conclusion, writing a love letter to my food may seem silly at first, but I believe in being thankful for everything. Today it was oatmeal! A small grain has had an enormous impact on my daily life. I love you oatmeal – you versatile little thing you. 

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