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101 Days of Christmas: Paper Ornaments

These paper ornaments are a classic craft that many of us probably made in school when we were kids. But they have a modern-vintage feel to them (I may have just made that up…) that I love, and you could use these as gifts or to decorate your home for an inexpensive and festive touch. In fact, we’re going to put a second tree up this year in my office, and I’m thinking about decorating it entirely in these paper ornaments in various sizes. Fun!

What makes this project really fun, though, is the use of double-sided scrap paper. For example, in my picture, you see a bright red ornament with aqua polka dots from one angle and a smooth aqua ornament from the other.

Don’t worry — if red and aqua isn’t your style, you’ll find tons of double-sided craft paper in various styles and colors at your local craft store.



Cut five 1-1/2″ strips from your scrapbook paper: (2) 12″, (2) 10″ and  (1) 8.5″.

Carefully line up all of the strips at one end and punch a hole through all 5 strips. (You can use a 1/4″ hole punch for this, but I just used the sharp end of my scissors to punch the hole.)

Insert the eyelet into the hole and secure it with the eyelet setter and hammer.

Turn the ornament around and carefully align the ends of the strips, so your ornament looks like the picture above.

Punch a hole and secure with an eyelet, being careful not to bend or crease the strips.

Use a ribbon, string or ornament hook to hang your ornament, and you’re done.

Scale the strips to make ornaments in various sizes:

  • five 2″ strips: (2) 15″, (2) 12.5″, (1) 10.75″
  • five 1-1/4″ strips: (2) 9″, (2) 7.5″, (1) 6.25″
  • five 1″ strips: (2) 6″, (2) 5″, (1) 4.25″

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