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Popular Fast-Food Chains That Offer Vegan Options

Fast-food chains are a dime a dozen. From McDonald’s to Taco Bell, there is something for everyone. It can be hard to find vegan options at these places, though. But it doesn’t have to be! Being vegan can be easy, and that includes getting your fast food fix. Despite what your initial thoughts may be, many fast-food chains are working to create inclusive menus.

Here are the top fast-food chains that offer vegan options, so you never have to worry about being hungry while on the go again!

Top Fast Food Chains That Have Vegan Options

Being a vegan means that you don’t eat any animal products, meaning meat, eggs, dairy, and honey. Vegans typically get their protein from plants like beans and tofu. Many assume that their diet will be limited if they change to a vegan lifestyle. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. It takes a bit of readjustment and reeducation, both of which are completely doable.

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Vegans rejoice! Subway offers many vegan options and even has a couple of pre-made sandwiches ready for you to enjoy. If someone in your group is not vegan, they too will be able to find something on the menu since there is bread, turkey, ham, roast beef, or mortadella pastries.

Burger King: 

Burger King’s new vegan option is called the “Impossible Whopper” that mimics meat to make your mouth water. The ingredients are soybean, coconut oil, and potato protein, amongst other things, but they end up creating a burger patty that even meat-eaters would enjoy!


KFC has many vegan options for you to enjoy. It may be hard to imagine vegan KFC, but there are options. You can get a “fried chicken burger,” mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob without any type of meat in them. They also offer coleslaw which is a great way to eat your vegetables!


Chick-fil-A is one of the few fast-food chains that have a vegan breakfast. They offer tofu scramble, pancakes with syrup, and hash browns any time you are looking to start your day off right.

In N’ Out: 

In N’ Out? More like in heaven! This popular burger chain offers an “Animal Style” burger that is a vegan option. Plus, they have the iconic animal fries on the menu for your enjoyment!


Wendy’s might not be the first place you think of when it comes to vegan options, but they do offer a black bean burger patty. Other items on their menu that are also vegan include chili, baked potatoes, and salads without cheese or bacon bits.

Panera Bread: 

Panera Bread is the perfect place to go when you are craving comfort food. Their vegan options include a sandwich that includes roasted vegetables, guacamole, and sprouts on gluten-free bread or soup with grilled carrots, green beans, corn, black olives, and spinach.

Taco Bell: 

Taco Bell is another fast-food chain that may not be on your radar for vegan options, but they offer three different veggie burrito bowls. These include the taco salad, power menu bowl, or seven vegetable burritos with brown rice and beans.


McDonald’s is another fast-food chain that offers vegan options. They have a McVegan burger patty with soy protein, wheat gluten, carrots, potatoes, onions, and it even contains an egg substitute!

White Castle: 

White Castle may be known for its sliders, but they also offer a veggie slider. It is a veggie patty with soy protein, bread crumbs, water chestnuts, peas, and carrots.

Pizza Hut: 

Pizza hut is not just for pizza, but you can also get pasta dishes that are vegan. They have nine different choices, so there will definitely be something for everyone!


Chipotle is another chain that offers vegan options. You can order a “veggie bowl” with rice, beans, lettuce, and pico de gallo.

Panda Express: 

Panda Express offers several vegan options that you can enjoy any time. You can get fried rice, orange chicken, and even vegetable stir-fry which is all made without meat!

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With so many vegan options available on the menus of popular fast-food chains, it is easier than ever to enjoy a meatless meal. It may take some time and adjustment to make the transition from eating animal products. You can eat at Subway with their pre-made sandwiches or go to Burger King’s new “Impossible Whopper” that mimics ground beef without any type of meat in them! KFC has a “fried chicken burger” and coleslaw, while Chick-fil-A offers tofu scramble, hash browns, pancakes with syrup for breakfast items only. In N’ Out? More like in heaven! This burger chain offers an Animal Style burger that vegans are sure to love too. With all of these options, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger.

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