Quick Tip: Substitute Apple Sauce for Oil

Quick Tip: Substitute Apple Sauce for Oil
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One of the easiest substitutions you can make in your kitchen is to substitute applesauce for vegetable oil in baked goods like cake, muffins, brownies and more. By replacing liquid oils with applesauce, you lower the calories and fat in a recipe.

Here are a few tips for using applesauce in baked goods:

  • Applesauce can be replaced at a 1:1 ratio. So if your recipe calls for 1/2 cup oil, you can replace that with 1/2 cup applesauce.
  • Be sure to buy sugar-free, all-natural applesauce since your recipe probably doesn’t need more sugar.
  • Baked goods may be slightly chewier with applesauce than with oil.
  • If you’re worried about applesauce changing the texture of your recipe, you can substitute a portion of the oil rather than the whole amount.
  • Other fruit purees work as well because they all contain pectin, which acts a lot like oil in the recipe.

We’ve always had really good results replacing oil with applesauce in breads, cakes and muffins. I’ve never tried replacing it in cookies, but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have!

Have you used applesauce or other fruit purees as a substitute in baked goods?

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  1. i’ve replaced oil with canned pumpkin puree in yellow cake mix (but kept the 3 eggs). It was light, fluffy, domed well and there was hardly any pumpkin taste, especially w/ a flavorful frosting like milk chocolate competing w/ it. if i wanted the pumpkin to shine, i’d have added some pumpkin pie spices and i’m sure that’d be good too.

    1. made into cupcakes, btw, not cake.

    2. You’re so right, Andie — I actually use pumpkin in my brownies, and they’re amazing, so I may need to try it in cupcakes as well!

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