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Signs You Need Sprinkler System Repair

Your sprinkler system is your key to maintaining your lawn during the long, hot summer months or when you are away from home, and you know you would not be able to water your plants or your garden manually. However, this system also runs on a mechanism, and over time, it starts showing signs of wear and tear. 

The sprinkler might not stop working abruptly, but if you look carefully enough, you might notice signs that your system could break down shortly.  As the Crossroads Management team says it is always a good idea to repair your system before that happens if you do not want your plants to go thirsty when it takes to fix it. The chances are that the costs of repair will be higher if you wait till the last moment. 

Here are some signs that can tell you that it is time for sprinkler repair

1. Inconsistent Watering

A perfect sprinkler will sprinkle water uniformly. There shouldn’t be uneven watering, which can result in leaving one part of your lawn dry while another part with a puddle of water. This can valve when the valve becomes faulty or one part of the sprinkler is not working. If too much water starts gathering on one area of the lawn, it can soak the roots.

Overwatering is not always right, and it could drain out the nutrients of the soil. Before long, you might see that area of the lawn withering down while another patch of grass might have gone dry and turned yellow. Watch out for these uneven watering spots and get your sprinkler checked. 

2. Low Pressure

Sprinklers work by spraying water consistently at every part of the lawn, and that involves some pressure. However, sometimes you might notice that the water is not reaching all parts of the lawn as it should have. 

Instead, the sprinkler is only watering the grass close to the sprinkler head for a certain radius, while the outer perimeters are left dry. There could be a problem with the valve head or a blockage in the pipes that prevent the full pressure of the water from reaching the system. In such cases, you should get your sprinkler checked by an expert. 

3. High Pressure

If you notice your sprinkler shooting water at great heights that it usually does not do, even then, it could mean that the sprinkler is malfunctioning. Too much pressure is not suitable for the system because it could wear it out abnormally fast, and then you might have to replace the entire sprinkler. Check the control valves and regulate the pressure so that the water is just enough to reach all areas of your garden uniformly. 

4. Sputtering Water

If you see your sputtering sprinkler water inconsistently and in small bursts, then you should get it checked. This could be due to air bubbles forming inside the irrigation pipes because of some cracks you might have formed inadvertently. It could also have become clogged with mud or debris, or some animal or rodent could also have burrowed close to it. The pop-up heads also need to be readjusted during the sprinkler repair. 

Sputtering water
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5. Leaking or Dripping

A sprinkler in good condition will never drip or leak. If you see water leaking from the sprinkler head even after you have turned it off, it means that there is something wrong with the valve. Even if you cannot see the leak directly, you might notice that the area around the pressure regulators or the filters is continuously damp. It means something is wrong, and you should never ignore these signs. Check for clogs resulting from grass clippings or mold buildup, which might be stopping the valve from shutting down completely. 

6. High Water Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your water bills at the end of the month and let you know you have not made any changes to how much water you are using, then you should check your sprinklers. Leaks and drips could be resulting in water wastage even without your knowledge, but it is sure to get reflected in your water bills. You should call a professional to check the sprinklers for you without wasting any time. 

If you find that your sprinklers are frequently in need of repair, then the problem might have gone deep. Seek an expert who will help you to get rid of the problem for good or help you to replace your old sprinkler if needed. The sprinklers are the lifeline that feeds your garden, and if you love your plants, you would want to go for a sprinkler repair at the earliest. The support of the right landscape partner can go a long way to ensure that your sprinkler systems are in tip-top shape.

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay