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Image by InstagramFOTOGRAFIN in Pixabay

Start your do-it-yourself journey: recreate your garden environment

The pandemic has an impact on all of us. Work started to merge with home, even more than digitalization already did. Now, we have to make sure that we can blend it correctly ourselves. To do so, we need to develop creative ways to shut ourselves off from work and have enough exercise in the meantime. What works best to fit both requirements? Working in your garden environment! You will have peace of mind, an outlet for creativity as well as a good exercise. 

Where to start

It helps to create an inventory of your garden if you have not already done so. This means that you create sketches of the set-up, the plants, and decorations present. This provides you with a good starting point to work with. You can, later on, revise these sketches or create a new one for your to-be scenario.

Having the end-point in mind

When working towards your new garden environment, you need to know the end state you are working towards. How to best formulate this end-state? You can start by leveraging your old sketch and draw what you think will be suitable for the target. Another good addition is the use of social media and other online inspiration. Many websites inspire gardens and the relation with interior design. Leveraging these insights, you can design the optimal garden. Out of creativity? You can also request a designer to help you out. However, that does get rid of some of the DIY fun, doesn’t it? 

Purchasing the right plants and flowers

When you have worked towards the state that you can order your plants, you have already come a long way. What types of plants and flowers can be added? This is completely dependent on the type of styling you want your garden to have. When it comes to the right spring element, hydrangea flowers are a good addition to the garden. They provide beautiful flowers and are relatively low maintenance. Bristol garden maintenance services can help you pick the perfect flowers and plants for you. This makes hydrangea a popular flower in the East Asian gardens as well as in the European ones. Besides the use of hydrangea, you can consider other flowers and plants depending on your styling. It makes sense to leverage social media and experts’ inputs to create the right balance between them. For help selecting aquatic plants for small ponds.

Research on specific garden styles

Are you a fan of Japanese gardens? Minimalistic gardens? Simply research these gardens and start sketching your desired garden environment. Are you not that good at sketching? No problem. There are many tools out there you can leverage. Once you have your drawing ready, the real DIY can begin. Most of the gardening can be done without equipment, but you might need some heavy equipment. Again, you can leverage the Internet to rent these machines or check if your neighbors have some equipment available. 

Featured Image by InstagramFOTOGRAFIN in Pixabay