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The 7 Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

In Atlanta, whether you’re a newcomer or a native, driving around the city is never easy, especially if you have to cross a number of dangerous intersections. “Hotlanta,” as non-residents call it, requires one to be vigilant and safe when driving. A few roads should be avoided, but if that’s not possible, at least you’ll get familiar with them.

7 Deadliest Atlanta Intersections To Avoid

Atlanta, like in most cities around the world, has its fair share of busy intersections. You might not expect it. However, there is a heightened risk of injuries and car accidents in these areas. 

While the statistics are rising each year, you can implement several essential steps to keep you off the cliff and ensure your loved ones drive safely. While accidents are inevitable, knowing several extra precautions and reaching out to a reputable Atlanta lawyer will save you from complete disaster and headaches. These experts can adequately assist you and provide practical legal advice beneficial on your end. 

Drivers’ unsafe behaviors cause 70% of deaths from car accidents. Some of these include distracted driving, drunk driving, and overspeeding. Metro Atlanta’s deadliest intersections include

Memorial Drive and North Road, Stone Mountain

This stretch of road runs from Stone Mountain into DeKalb County and goes to downtown Atlanta. It’s considered to be one of the deadliest intersections in Georgia

East Park Place And Stone Mountain Highway, Stone Mountain

Located in the most heavily traveled area of Stone Mountain city, this intersection combines 8-lane roads into a 6-lane highway. 

Covington Highway and Lithonia Road, Lithonia

Located in between Conyers and Decatur, this is one of the most dangerous interstates. Approximately 20 accidents were reported each month.

Cobb Place Boulevard and Ernest Barrett Parkway, Kennesaw

This well-traveled intersection, also called Barrett Parkway, runs from NW Atlanta and is a frequent motorcycle accident.

Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Norcross

Jimmy Carter
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This 15-mile stretch runs along NE Atlanta’s corner, passing Norcross Center. It is named after Jimmy Carter, the 39th president. 

State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek 

There were 15 collisions recorded in this area in a month, with 16 traffic lanes crossing into this intersection. It runs at Johns Creek Center and intersects with Medlock Bridge Road.

Briarcliff Road and Camp Creek Parkway, Fulton County 

At the heart of North Druid Hills’ commercial district, this intersection has been known to cause collisions for a long time. Having two diagonal crossroads creates an unnatural feeling for most drivers.

Why Are These Intersections Tagged Dangerous?

Most intersections are high-risk, especially with an inexperienced or distracted driver or several factors like reckless driving, visibility issues, and weather disturbance that can significantly contribute to an accident. However, these factors are always present, regardless of your driving location. 

With the lists of dangerous roads above, here are their specific issues;

Geographic location

Most are outside Atlanta city and considered part of the metropolitan area. This has suburban roads that come with fewer stops and more open-road driving. 

Unusual angels

These intersections are not standard. It’s pretty confusing for most drivers, especially those unfamiliar with traffic patterns. Plus, it’s a challenge to react or see cars coming from various directions simultaneously. 

Different traffic patterns

Most of the intersections intersect with regular roads meeting speedy highways.

How To Prevent Accidents and Injuries 

Accidents happen regardless of how careful you are when you hit the road. However, aside from being a responsible driver, here are ways to avoid road accidents;

Never drink and drive.

Don't drink and drive
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You can be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol if you have .08 or more alcohol in your blood. This can be dangerous to anyone who shares the road with you. 

Distracted driving

A common issue everywhere—distracted driving means anything that’s taking your focus off your wheel, the road, and mind off your driving task. It can be your phone, device, passengers, easting, or personal grooming.

Drive within the required speed limit

Staying within the required traffic flow is essential. Driving within the limit of speed needed varies per scene like bad weather, heavy traffic, and the likes. Always drive at the best and safest speed possible.

Buckle your seatbelt

Wear your seatbelt
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It is required by the law to always buckle your seatbelt while driving, in the passenger seat, or if you are 18 years and above. Passenger’s aged 17 below must also buckle their seatbelts while seated at the back. 

Keep a reasonable distance from the vehicle in your front

Suppose the weather is terrible; wet roads can contribute to potential collisions. Ensure a two-car space, or at least to maneuver your vehicle to safety and prevent crashes.

Use headlights

Georgia requires drivers to use their headlights from half an hour after the sun sets to half an hour before it rises, while raining or whenever visibility is needed. Headlights improve your car’s visibility, even in broad daylight.

Drive defensively

While it’s not always your fault, driving defensively can prevent potential collisions if there are aggressive drivers on the road, better to keep a safe distance off that vehicle. 

Aggressive driving includes weaving on and off of cars, speeding, tailgating, blocking other vehicles from passing, abrupt lane change, aggressive honking, and more.

Final Words

The presence of mind is one of the keys to safe driving, aside from knowing and understanding road and traffic rules. You’ll never know what might happen, especially with sudden inclement weather. If you are not familiar with the road, always follow safety protocols and be mindful that other drivers will surely react to protect themselves from sudden collisions. 

Featured Image by Eric Stokley from Pixabay