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The Top 4 Health Benefits of An Improved Air Quality at Home

People suffering from allergies and asthma are often told that improving the air quality inside their homes can help relieve their symptoms. However, the benefits of living in an environment free of pollutants and harmful chemicals are much greater than that. In fact, having clean airflow in your house plays an enormous role in maintaining your overall health. Here are the top four health benefits of improved air quality at your home.

1. Fewer Respiratory Infections

You may not be aware of this, but breathing in contaminated air has a harmful effect on a healthy person’s lungs as well. Without proper filtration, all the toxic materials you clean and cook with will end up in your lungs. Not to mention the pollution that’s coming in from the outside of your home. And because of these particles, those pesky colds you have can be easily aggravated to acute pneumonia. By filtering out the dangerous pollutants, you can lower the chances of developing lower respiratory infections. Seeming insignificant infections can develop into chronic conditions with long-term consequences and very high medical costs, which is another good reason for lowering the risk of acute infections. If you have small children, doing this will be even more crucial, as a lung infection caused by unclean air quality can have even more dire consequences for them.

2. Lower Risk of Heart Conditions

Fats used in cooking aren’t only dangerous to your health when consumed orally. The gases they release when they are burning up make their way into your air supply and increase your risk of heart diseases. Using kerosene and solid fuels further aggravate this pollution – and the chances of you suffering a stroke or any acute cardiovascular conditions will be even higher. For this reason, it’s crucial to eliminate those gases as quickly as they are produced. According to a Perth-based team of roofing specialists, a roof ventilation system can be a very efficient solution to clear the air at your home from toxic fumes and other contaminants. Plus, this system also helps keep the place cool – which is another key factor in preventing acute heart conditions. A solution like this is especially worth considering if you live in a warm and humid climate where outside pollution levels are high. In these circumstances, your only option to keep the inside environment fresh and clean is by having the air that gets inside filtered mechanically.

3. Lower Chance of Developing Diabetes

Much like in your heart and lungs, air pollutants can cause significant damage to your other organs too. The harmful chemicals you breathe in on a day-to-day basis make their way through your bloodstream, all the way up to your pancreas. Here they obstruct the path of insulin release, which leads to high glucose levels – and ultimately the development of type 2 diabetes. Your chances of developing diabetes will be even higher if you are genetically predisposed to this condition and also live in a polluted environment. Even if you are doing everything else to keep your body fit and healthy, you will have to make sure that the inside of your home also fits these requirements. Keeping the air at your home clean and free of all harmful contaminants at all times will help to lower your risk for diabetes and all its dangerous consequences. 

4. Improved Mental Health

Every organ in your body depends on oxygen to function healthily. Your brain, in particular, needs a constant supply of this vital gas. Otherwise, this organ will be negatively impacted. Contaminants in the air contribute to the degradation of oxygen in the blood, so when a polluted supply is taken to the brain cells, these won’t be able to work and grow, and they will begin to degenerate. This will first show up in the decline of your cognitive functions, like memory or association issues. And if you are subjected to long-term exposure to polluted air, this will eventually also affect your mental health. By keeping your home full of oxygen, you can help to maintain the integrity of your brain. Doing this will help prevent some of the most common cognitive decline issues associated with an unhealthy environment and keep your mental health at a balanced level.

Improved Mental Health
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Most people don’t know about all these health benefits of having fresh air inside their house for improved air quality. In larger cities the outside pollution levels also are very high, so making sure that arriving home you can step into a cleaner environment is absolutely essential. Fortunately, with the advancement of the technological industry, solutions to this issue are becoming more and more available. If you want to live a healthier and happier life, it’s recommended to invest in a filtration system that will ensure you have fresh air in your house at all times.

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