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Things To Prepare Before Your Tween Hits Puberty

A teenager can be quite a handful, especially if you’re parenting one for the first time. Although we’ve all been through the phase ourselves, memories get hazy, and we change as people, so getting on the same page can be a struggle. It’s also worth remembering that your child’s going through an assortment of problems too, and believe that you possibly won’t ever be able to understand the struggles that they’re having when going through puberty. 

However, you don’t necessarily have to grow distant from your child as he or she grows up! Instead, trying to understand your child’s psyche and needs (and being there for them, as well) would be a great effort already. However, if you’ve got a tween at hand who’s just about to hit puberty, it’s actually a great time for you to start prepping for what’s to come. 

Through awareness and preparation, you can not only be mentally prepared to handle any emotional or physical crises, but it will also help your child get a headstart at dealing with their problems efficiently. Therefore, today, we’ve brought some parenting tips for you to help you get prepped up to raise a teenager. 

Educate Yourself About What Happens During Puberty 

Puberty’s a complex process, but it’s been simplified enough to help you understand what’s going on by various organizations. What’s better is that there are tons of resources out there for parents to help them raise their kids better during this tricky period. While it might seem like a chore, this can prove to be an excellent effort to help prepare both yourself and your child. 

Getting a better understanding of what’s going on inside them will help you tap into your own puberty memories, too. You’ll find it easier to put yourself in their shoes and develop ways to make this period more enjoyable for them rather than a nightmare. At the end of the day, it’s just all about reliving and re-evaluating things and updating yourself to be ready to face this new chapter in your child’s life. 

Spend Time Talking To Them About Growing Up 

Open communion with your children is key to building a healthy relationship. And while you’re undergoing this sensitive period of time that often tests your relationship with each other, it gets even more important to build a strong and transparent bond with them. This is where clearly and easily communicating with them anytime comes into play. 

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Prepare your child for what’s to come — but not in the usual military fashion. Be slow and gentle, starting out by talking to them about the emotional changes they may be facing anytime soon and telling them that you’re there for them no matter what. Then, go on to tell them about the physical changes so that they can mentally prepare themselves and not freak out. 

Share your personal experiences growing up to help them feel at ease. Talk to them about how they might sometimes feel distant from the people closest to them and that it’s okay to keep things to yourself until you’re ready to share them. However, also let them know that keeping secrets and having a guilty conscience is only going to weigh on them and get them in trouble. 

Stock Up On Essentials: Skincare, Underwear, Wardrobe, Books, And More

The physical changes during puberty are probably the highlights of any teen’s life. These can be quite terrifying at first, so besides educating them about these changes, you should also stock up on helpful items. Having appropriate underwear and sanitary essentials such as napkins, washes, and razors for one is extremely important. 

Your teen’s also going to grow pretty rapidly, so let them know that you’re there for them if they need something and that they don’t need to feel ashamed to tell you if something’s too loose or tight for them. This time’s also mentally challenging for them since they’re more prone to getting depressed or anxious, so self-help books might be a great companion for your kid besides you being there to support them. 

One of the most essential items you need to stock up on is skincare. Teenagers are extremely prone to developing skin problems and acne due to hormonal imbalances. This can lead to added insecurities, so talk to them about skincare and teach them how they should be using cleansers and masks to keep their skin healthy. If your teen daughter’s having some serious trouble with acne, you could buy spironolactone online to completely eradicate the acne issues. 

Puberty’s rough, but you can make this better for yourself and your child with a little bit of effort from both ends. Sometimes, that’s not the case, though. If you’ve been finding it hard to communicate with your teen, you should do something before this turns into a long-term rift in your relationship. Seek out counseling or therapy to help your child get on the same page — and always remember that they love you just as much as you love them.

Featured Image by Renee Olmsted from Pixabay