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Tips for Creative People Choosing the Right Career Path

Breaking into the professional world can be difficult for us creative types. A standard 9-to-5 job isn’t always for us, but that’s where the job security is. However, developing a successful creative career is possible. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

1. Examine your options

Creative Drawing
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You know that you’re talented in photography, drawing, poetry, or makeup. However, you may not know all of the things you can do with that. Look into job opportunities for people with your talent. You may be surprised at some of your options. People who enjoy art may choose to get an interior architecture degree. Once you know your options, you can make a choice and move forward accordingly.

2. Network

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If you want to break into your field, you need to know the right people. Go to business networking events in your area. Surround yourself with people in your field who may be able to help you or collaborate with you in the future. Make social events an opportunity to find people who can help move you forward. Always maintain your composure and remember that anything you do can impact your future career, even at social functions.

3. Dedicate yourself

If you expect to succeed, you’re going to have to work hard. In art fields, you have to work even harder. Go out less and stay home to work more. Your dedication will pay off. After you work hard, you will eventually have a completed project to show for it. Many people work on multiple projects simultaneously, but it’s best to emphasize finalizing one project before the next. Part of creative work is finishing the things you start. Ideally, the items you are working on will eventually get noticed. It will also teach you how to stay dedicated when you do find your dream job.

4. Develop a portfolio

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You can tell people that you are a talented painter or photographer all you want. However, you need to have a way to prove it to people. That means you need to develop a portfolio. Your professional portfolio will showcase the best work you’ve done. Include pieces that demonstrate different aspects of your talent. Write a small blurb about each piece to explain what about it really demonstrates your talent. Make it easy to access for anyone who shows interest in your work. Consider putting a link on your business card.

5. Open your mind to better opportunities

You never know what opportunities might come your way on your professional journey. As you continue to network and develop your talent, don’t be afraid to move in a different direction when the opportunity presents itself. You may get a job offer you weren’t expecting that ends up being the best job you’ll ever have. Don’t say no to opportunities that come your way just because it isn’t exactly what you were expecting. Say yes. Consider trying out a recruitment firm if you think they might have some good connections for you. CulverCareers is a nationwide sales headhunter that could provide you with valuable insight into a career in sales. All your creative juices could be flowing on how to get the next sale already.

Creative minds are just as valuable in the workforce as people who follow a more standard road. Showcase your talents and meet the right people to get you started on a successful career.