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Top Benefits of Chase Total Checking Account

Chase Total Checking Account comes with a variety of features that make it distinct from other checking accounts in the Chase Bank and the American Express credit card business. These features make Chase’s Total Checking Account worth having. It has an array of features which includes an easy-to-use cash-management feature that is ideal for saving money and budgeting expenses. The funds from checking accounts can be transferred to savings accounts without much difficulty. Here are some of the important features of a Chase checking card:

Easy to Use:

With a Chase total checking account, you are able to access an extensive ATM network and branch network, which provide a solid physical presence for customers. Through over 16,000 ATMs, you will not have a hard time trying to locate an ATM to deposit or withdraw funds. Furthermore, ATMs located around the world are available through this bank. International transactions can also be facilitated. Thus, while at the bank, you can get information on various ATMs located worldwide.

No annual service fee waived:

With Chase checking account, you get the option to get zero percent balance transfer fees as well as no annual service fee waived. There are certain banks that charge a high annual service fee, while there are others that offer low annual service fees with zero percent balance transfer charges. With Chase, you get the opportunity to choose among such financial products.

Direct Deposit Within 90 Days:

With Chase’s total checking, you are eligible for direct deposit within 90 days. In this feature, you have the option of making electronic deposits into your Chase account. You don’t need to go out and visit a branch to do so. Thus, making electronic deposits ensures that you will get your money in a quicker manner.

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No balance minimum:

Balance transfer fees are charged when you transfer any balance from other financial institutions to your Chase checking accounts. In this case, you never pay any balance penalties.

No branch deposits. Chase offers no branch fees on its total checking and similar accounts. This is an important advantage. With no branch deposits, you do not incur any additional expense on making transactions.

No annual fee:

Other banking institutions charge annual fees to ensure early payoff of deposits. However, with Chase, you enjoy no annual fee on your initial deposit. This is an attractive feature, especially for those who want to earn more but do not wish to incur an additional expense on account of the interest. You can easily earn extra through savings and additional expenditures.

Free checking:

As you open these accounts, you receive a one-time free deposit of $100. These free deposits are offered only to new customers who open a Chase account. Such features make Chase the most preferred financial institution among online banks.

Direct deposit:

One of the best features of Chase is that it allows direct deposit of paycheck money to your account. This benefit makes it easier for new customers to build their savings. It also encourages employees to contribute part of their salaries to such accounts.

Additional account features:

There are additional features available on this account, like lower minimum and higher maximum credit limit. You can increase the account features if you wish to. There are also transaction fees and checks, and paper checks fees included in the service fees.

No overdraft fee:

Unlike other banks, you need not pay any overdraft fee when you use Chase’s Total Checking Account. All online banking institutions include overdraft fees in their charges. They have separate services for high-risk customers. Therefore, you should choose a bank that does not charge overdraft fees and has a lower minimum account balance or higher maximum account balance. This is especially important for direct deposit customers who regularly use more than their minimum balance.

No transaction fees:

Aside from the no transaction fees, Chase offers low per day and per month charges for the convenience of customers. If you wish to have a lot of checking accounts opened on the same day, you can conveniently choose to have two online banking services with one low per day and per month service charge.

Featured Photo by Eduardo Soares on Unsplash