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Vincitore Launches a Multimillion-Dollar Residential Project In Dubai

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Many of the projects being implemented in Dubai are known all over the world. It does not matter where you live — in an expensive villa in Dubai or a modest apartment. This is always high quality and improved standard of living. One of the contenders for world fame is the Vincitore Benessere complex by the developer Vincitore Realty. This new residential building is the successful construction project of Dubai’s $101 million wellness resort. According to this company, the project’s main features are luxury and well-being. In total, the project includes 380 exclusive residences.

Judging by the first photos of this ambitious project, the developer’s plans are global and affect all aspects of human life: from physical and mental to emotional. Vincitore Realty creates unique spaces where people can spend 80% of their lives. So the company feels that it is responsible for ensuring the high requirements for customers’ health and well-being.

A new level of well-being 

Various properties will be located on the complex territory – from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. Each housing unit will be equipped with unique amenities, ideal for those who lead a healthy and luxurious lifestyle and try to achieve a high standard of living. An important feature of the project will be 10 square kilometers of wellness spaces: sports grounds, a pavilion for aromatherapy procedures, a botanical garden, a garden for yoga and meditation, and other opportunities that ensure well-being.

According to the company’s specialists, real estate in the field of wellness will be of particular interest to buyers, allowing residents to feel material and spiritual well-being. Statistics show the true figures of housing units sold: today, buyers are especially interested in real estate with integrated elements of a healthy lifestyle.

Orientation to a healthy lifestyle 

As the world recovers from the pandemic, developers, property owners, and prospective buyers pay attention to housing built and equipped with a healthy lifestyle and homes with wellness services and functions to take care of their well-being.

According to the Global Institute of Health (GWI), wellness today is a global industry with a turnover of 4.5 trillion dollars. And residential real estate is the next step that will completely change people’s lives through the healthy lifestyle movement.

The implemented complex currently has no analogs in Dubai. In addition, this is one of the few projects with the principles of green construction. This residential complex will be put into operation in the II quarter of 2023.

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Featured Image by Ian Watts on Pixabay