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What to Consider When Choosing Medicine Cabinets

Homeowners must choose vital fixtures in their property that improve the home’s value and give them more functional options. When it comes to a bathroom design, the property owner has two options for the space above the vanity. They can install a simple mirror that adds aesthetic elements to the room, or the owner could get a medicine cabinet to store their medications or other items they use each day. Today, the design of medicine cabinets won’t present them with the same limitation’s property owners have faced in the past. The new designs offer better functionality and styles.

Choosing the Right Style

An evaluation of medicine cabinet styles shows the property owner what is possible, and they are not limited to the traditional medicine cabinets that their parents have installed for years. Today, medicine cabinet designs are unique and modern. Property can learn more about purchasing a medicine cabinet by contacting a supplier now.

How Is It Installed?

A review of the installation requirements shows the property owner what changes they must make in their bathroom to accommodate their preferred cabinet design. Traditional medicine cabinets are screwed into the sheetrock and fit flush against the walls. They aren’t built into the wall, and the design is easy to recognize as a medicine cabinet. However, these days the designs aren’t great for home security since some criminals look for prescription medications when breaking into the home. Obvious signs of a medicine cabinet may present some risks for the property owner and their family. However, a unique design reduces risks.

Will It Go Over the Vanity or Off to the Side?


Double cabinet
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Where the homeowner installs the medicine cabinet determines all elements of the bathroom design. For example, most homeowners install the medicine cabinet as a mirror above the vanity. The newer designs don’t require the homeowner to use the medicine cabinet as the only mirror in the bathroom. A side medicine cabinet is built into the wall and coordinates with other wall fixtures. This makes it easier to hide the fact that there is a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

How Many Shelves Do You Need?

The total number of shelves in the medicine cabinet determines if it accommodates the homeowner’s needs. The cabinets aren’t used for medications only, and some property owners use the cabinets to store toiletries they want to use each day, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and cosmetics. The number of shelves in the cabinet dictates how much the homeowners can store inside the cabinet. If they want more storage in the bathroom, the homeowner can review the cabinets’ size and the overall design to determine if it offers enough shelving for their needs.

Do You Want Light Inside the Medicine Cabinet?

Some models come with a light inside the cabinet that makes it easier for the homeowner to see their medications. It is a great solution for seniors with vision problems that need centralized light to find their daily medications. When reviewing the medicine cabinets, it is best to determine what kind of lighting it may offer. The selections may provide lighting that is easy to use, and the homeowner won’t have problems changing the bulb when needed. If the cabinet offers an on/off switch, it may be more convenient for the property owner, too.

Do You Need A Locking Mechanism for It?

Locking mechanisms for a medicine cabinet offers a great way to keep prescription medication out of reach of children. Home safety is necessary, especially when the property owner has small children, and they need to lock the medicine cabinet to keep the children out of it. More modern medicine cabinets offer great locking mechanisms that improve home safety and stop children from getting into it.

The locking mechanisms keep the person’s medication safer if someone comes over to visit, too. Even the nicest of visitors will snoop through a medicine cabinet. It is a great way to maintain the homeowner’s privacy and prevent others from judging them according to what medications are in their private medicine cabinet.

Will It Have a Mirror on the Outside?

The design may have a mirror on the outside if the property owner chooses a more traditional medicine cabinet design. The size of the cabinet determines what mirror size is available to them. If the property owner wants a larger mirror, they may choose a medicine cabinet installed separately from their mirror.

A review of the newest medicine cabinet designs shows the property owner what mirrors are available with their preferred medicine cabinets. It is imperative that they choose a medicine cabinet that accommodates all their expectations for their bathroom design.

Will It Be Built into the Wall?

Built-in cabinet
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Some homeowners choose medicine cabinets that are built into the walls. This could provide more security for the items store inside the cabinet. An intruder who breaks into the home wouldn’t just snatch the medicine cabinet off the wall and take it with them if they broke in to find drugs. The design anchors the cabinet into the wall.

The contractor will need to cut a section into the wall to install the cabinet. The cabinet’s mirror lies flush against the wall, and the installation doesn’t look like a traditional medicine cabinet design.

Homeowners choose medicine cabinets according to the style and functionality of the products. The owners need a medicine cabinet with adequate space for all their items and give them better home safety. If they have small children, the property owner must take all precautions to keep their children safer and prevent them from getting their hands on prescription medications. Some medicine cabinet designs offer locking mechanisms that prevent immediate access without a digital code or a key. It is a great way to prevent outsiders from stealing vital medications, too. A homeowner can find out more about better cabinets for their bathroom by reviewing the current inventory with their contractor.

Featured Image by nerieau from Pixabay