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Photo by Colour Creation from Pexels

What to Do with That Empty Wall in Your Living Room

You might have an empty wall in your living room that you’re not doing anything with. It’s just standing here, devoid of decoration and meaning, and you’re getting sick of looking at it! After all, the rest of your living room looks amazing, and this non-feature wall is just ruining the entire look. 

So, it’s time to do something about this empty wall! It’s time to dress it up and give it a bit more purpose. We’ve listed some ideas below for you, so why not let them inspire you to do something about the living room wall that just doesn’t do it for you? 

Cover it with Art

There’s always going to be a type of art you like, so why not invest in it and put it up on the wall that’s missing a bit of life? Because you can go all out with one big painting, or you can turn the wall into a little gallery – if you’re the artistic sport, why not get creative here? Hang up a few of your own pieces, and be proud of what you can do! If you’re feeling a bit extra, wall water fountains would be perfect as well.

Art is always a talking point, and if you don’t already have a feature wall in your living room, this is how you create one. Make sure you frame your pieces to give them an extra focal boost! 

Make Room for Some Storage

Wall shelves
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

That spare wall space can have a lot of storage opportunities to offer. One of the most obvious solutions here would be to hang up some shelves; you can make good use of some spare wood here or buy some ready-made shelves in any design you’d like, which complements the rest of your living room furniture. 

Not only can you hang up some shelves, but you can also put a good chest of drawers by against the wall. You can invest in a set of drawers that fit the wall entirely.  Or you can use it as a focal point in the middle. Either way, you’ve not got some more surfaces to rest your things on, and no one ever complained about a spare drawer! 

Grow Some Greenery

Plants are always a welcome addition to the home; we’re losing out on a good bit of greenery with a lot of modern interior styles.  You could make an entire living and breathing wall out of the empty brick space you’re currently working with. 

You have potted plants to put on the shelves, but you may have already hung up, but you can also use ceiling mounted plants, and wall planters themselves, to give you as much room for plant life as you’d like. Let them grow out a little, and you’ll have some lovely drapery to point your guests towards! 

If you have an empty wall in your living room, don’t let it be a negative space forever. You can do plenty to make your space look bigger and better. 

Featured Photo by Colour Creation from Pexels