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When the Occasion Is Ultimately Special As A Parent

Looking for a that gift that will always be remembered?  A gift for a very special occasion for a very special friend or family member?  There are a lot of different ways to celebrate a special occasion as parents, and some of these methods are fairly banal. While there are various ways to celebrate, in many cases, you can easily get lost in the crowd of gift-givers if you simply offer something boring and ordinary on birthdays or Christmas. When you care a great deal, and especially when the situation is truly special, it can pay off to provide something genuinely wonderful to your family members.

When the occasion is ultimately special, you want to give your family members or guests one of the ultimate types of gifts. In some cases, you want to give the receiver something fresh, while in other instances, it’s valuable to provide something of a significantly greater level of maturity. In the case of alcohol, this is particularly true.

Some of the Best Alcoholic Brands

Dom Perignon is one of the highest-quality types of champagne out there, and for a good reason. Developed in the 1920s through a double fermentation process that has come to symbolize the ultimate in luxury, this blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has come to be the best way to celebrate being wealthy while lounging in your hot tub and enjoying watercress and caviar.

The association with wealth and prestige is entirely on purpose, since Dom Perignon is challenging to make and is only released every so often. As a general rule, this top champagne of Moet & Chandon is released only six times out of each decade. The absolute minimum amount of aging for these elite grapes is 7 years, but often, a particular vintage will be aged for as many as 25 years. With this much time put into champagne, it’s practically guaranteed to be an amazing taste experience.

There’s a reason that Prince Charles and Princess Diana enjoyed their portion of 99 bottles of Dom Perignon at their extremely famous royal wedding. They deserved the very best, and they were perfectly willing to go all out for the most magical day of their lives. For the right person and a truly fantastic occasion, going to a luxury wine basket seller to find just the right gift set of Dom Perignon is also going to be just right.

Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash

Just Right for the Occasion When Family Comes Over

Some occasions are going to simply warrant the bottle itself in its simple grandeur. These are more subtle or formal occasions where the person will know how amazing they are. But then, in other occasions, you may want to go a little further up the chain, even so far as a handmade wooden vase or a pair of flutes to make the “celebration kit” into a complete one.

There’s a certain level of sophistication you’ll have to use when it comes to selecting precisely what kind of Dom Perignon gift set you give to that special person. In some instances, you’ll want to provide an entire experience all at once, setting the scene in more ways than one. In other cases, they will know that the champagne and caviar are for private enjoyment at their individual leisure.