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Why It Is Important to Cleanse Your Skin Well Before Going To Bed

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long, exhausting day. Knowing that those comfy pajamas and an alluring bed are waiting for you can be enough to help you endure a drilling day of work, no matter how tiresome it may be. So you get back from work, slip into your PJs, turn on the AC or heater, and then finally reconnect with your seducer for the night – your bed. Now all that’s left is to succumb to a deep slumber… So why does it feel like something is missing?

If you’re used to following a certain bedtime routine, you can feel tempted to give up on cleansing your face every now and then… especially after a long day. However, here’s every reason why you should never do that, as well as what you can do to keep your skin in amazing condition. Read on!

Why You Should Never Sleep Without Cleansing Your Face

Let’s start with a list of reasons why you should never sleep without cleansing your face. Here are the top 4 reasons:

1. Clogged Pores

No one likes clogged pores. It’s ironic how we go above and beyond to find products and routines that help us open the pores when a simple facial cleanse on your face before bedtime can go a very long way. Otherwise, the makeup, oil, and dirt accumulating throughout the day will start to settle in the skin, resulting in clogged pores. 

2. Acne Breakouts

What do you think will happen if you let the aforementioned pollutants rest on the skin overnight? If you think clogged pores will be your biggest problem, think again. This is an amazing opportunity for the bacteria on your skin to feast like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll be sure to find out all about their overnight party the next day you look in the mirror. In this case, the evidence is the ever-dreaded acne outbreak. 

3. Wrinkles and Aging

Here’s something you’ll only start to notice over the years: leaving your skin untreated will eventually lead to signs of premature aging. All of the cosmetics you use are chemicals, and even if you don’t use any, the air is polluted enough to damage your skin. Without a good cleansing routine, you risk developing wrinkles and looking older than you are. 

4. Restless Sleep

Let’s be honest, have you ever had a good night’s sleep after you skipped washing your face or taking a quick shower? We’re ready to bet that’s never happened. When you cleanse your face from all the makeup and oil, your skin looks smoother, and you feel refreshed. Only then can you really enjoy your sleep.

Bedtime Routine Tips for Amazing Skin

Now that you know it’s important, you must be wondering how you can effectively and efficiently care for your skin. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few proven bedtime routine tips to get your skin young, shiny, and forever beautiful. 

1. Know Your Products

Some people feel content with merely washing their face with soap and water, but if you really want to care for your skin, you might need to use more products. After countless trials and errors, Marcus and Rachael at share their experience with their vitamin-C-centric skincare routine. Vitamin C works wonders in keeping the skin smooth, bright, and defined, but it can be even more effective with other natural products. Whatever you use, make sure you do your research to know the efficacy and possible side effects of products, as well as their order. 

2. Don’t Forget to Remove Eye Makeup

A lot of people forget to remove their eye makeup or think it’s not that big of a deal to leave it overnight. Don’t be like that – there are a lot of sensitive glands and skin surrounding the eye, which can result in puffy and irritated eyes due to overnight eye makeup. 

3. Consider Using a Medicated Face Wash

You shouldn’t use a medicated face wash before consulting your dermatologist, but once you do, using one can help you overcome certain skin issues. It’s well-known that benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and activated charcoal are good for acne-prone skin. You might want to give it a chance. 

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Almost everyone has their own bedtime routine, though it can vary significantly from one person to another. Some people are content with washing their face, while others can never sleep without a full routine of taking a shower, applying night-time products, meditating, and writing in their journals. It always comes back to what works for you, but there’s one constant that can never be left out in whatever routine you decide to uphold: a good deep facial cleanse. 

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