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Why Students Are the Key to Tackling Climate Change

Most widely spread information regarding climate change is mainly obsolete or intentionally wrong, which is why new studies and implementation of the latest technology is the most reasonable next step in climate studies. The next generation of scientists will be the tip of the spear in the battle for our planet’s salvation; therefore, today’s students should already build their experience and awareness of where their interest should be focused. 

This article will see what makes students the key component in our global strategy to preserve our planet.

A global knowledge-sharing network

Students all over the world share information daily across numerous public forums and social media networks. The meme culture is a global phenomenon that allows a creative artist to send a strong message all over the world. Even humorous content can carry a strong educational influence, and user-generated content is one of the best ways to intrigue the attention of today’s youth. Facebook groups that attract students interested in global warming and its impact on our planet are a potent field for interaction with students.

Keeping students at all levels of education aware of topics that concern climate change issues allows the spread of this important idea among other students. This increases the chance for students to exchange knowledge and experience, disregarding where they reside or study. Online knowledge base and many other similar places offer a wide array of essay samples to serve for inspiration or information. By using the global network, students can share awareness, collaborate on projects, and exchange data essential for tackling climate change in the future.

Schools should be public forums for environmentalism

Although preservation of our environment should be incepted since childhood by our earliest surrounding, schools also have a strong position in this regard. Students of all levels should be educated with the preservation of natural resources in mind, and schools alone should pay attention to their own environmental influence.

Topics that concern climate change should be emphasized in essay assignments in high schools and universities. There are so many inspirational climate change essay samples for college students shared across social media and university public archives that could stir creativity. College essays are more than just literary work; they carry a scientific significance that can sometimes even change the world. Students should build their researching skills for the future, which is what college essays are best for.

Youth organizations and their influence 

There are hundreds of NGO and Youth organizations that work closely with high school and college students, which focus their attention on climate change issues, preservation of nature, and many other subjects that could be used to tackle this complex and deep issue. 

Through interaction with their peers and educators that specialize in working with youth, students get more than just information that matters. Collective workshops also teach younger generations of mistakes which were previously made and how to overcome these challenges. Also, educators pay close attention to the development of essential skills needed to resolve problems and communicate with others to search for a solution to a common problem. 

Youth activism is always a fruitful spawning ground for future experts. It’s very common for young activists to take on a professional path after or even during their education. Kids engaged in extracurricular activities have the chance to meet important people and grow their network. Various international summits or youth exchange programs allow students from different backgrounds to meet each other and meet science and business leaders engaged in global environmental struggle. This is a good way to improve those scholarship odds and later a firm foundation for work.  

The influencer culture
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

The influencer culture

It took one speech, made by a 16yearold schoolgirl from Sweden in front of the packed UN general assembly room, to spike the number of search queries that concern climate change. Greta Thunberg, Time magazine’s person of the year, became a viral meme, one of the most shared clips of the year, and an overall influence on the teenage population to start a global campaign to preserve our natural environment. 

Day after, Greta made her famous speech at the UN. Google search engine measured a massive increase of search queries that contain keywords related to global warming and climate change. This only shows how important influencer culture is these days. Young people look up to public faces, and more often than not, the choice of role models kids make has a lot of room for improvement. However, suppose kids are presented with young people that carry a strong positive message. In that case, it’s more likely that these kids will focus their attention on matters that students like Greta and others like her spread through their public performance.

Organizations that campaign for preserving our blue planet can reach out to students through collaboration with social media influencers that matter to a younger audience and know that the message will be widely received. Unlike the adults, youth share more common interests, which allows us to cover a wide spectrum of students with a few cherry-picked influencers. 


The future of all matters lies on the shoulders of today’s students; however, it’s up to us to trim down that weight as much as possible. The implementation of new technologies, digital marketing, and youth activism are platforms that students understand and accept. Since Greta made her dynamic speech at the UN summit, the establishment took note of the importance of involving students in matters that concern our climate. It’s important to maintain that momentum and make every student aware of this problem and hope that they will carry on the legacy because climate change is a continuous matter and needs the attention of every generation that comes. 

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