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Why You Don’t Need Another Productivity Tool to Manage Your Time

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes: Why You Don’t Need Another Productivity Tool to Manage Your Time

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That’s right.

You don’t need that smart-looking planner.

Or that shiny calendar.

Or even that time management app for your new smartphone or tablet.

You don’t need another tool to make you more productive. This is coming from someone who just wrote a whole eBook on productivity. I know.

So, I hear you say, Prerna, what do I need? How can I overcome this overwhelm that threatens to engulf my life and leaves me feeling totally helpless? How can I avoid missing another appointment? How can I stop forgetting when I’m supposed to be volunteering at the preschool?

Here’s my answer:

1. You need to take action.

All the time management tools in the world are a waste if you don’t take action. Yes, even the free ones.

Whether it is a calendar, a planner, a timer, or a notebook, it is a BIG fat waste of your money or energy if you aren’t going to use it and act on it.

 2. You need to know where you’re headed.

What are your time management goals? Do you just want to streamline your days? Then you don’t need that new calendar? You need a routine or a ritual.

Knowing where you’re headed on the time management travel track is important so that you can choose wisely and not drown in productivity tools that actually will kill your productivity even more.

 3. You need to use what you have.

Nearly all of us already have the tools we need to get started in order to be more productive. Seriously, how many of us don’t have a calendar? Or a notebook to jot down to-dos? Yeah, I thought so, too. We all have the tools we need. We just need to use them. I know I am repeating myself, but it is worth it.

 4. You need to commit to a habit.

Finally, we need to commit to a habit. Whether it is waking up earlier than usual or tracking our time, we need to commit to it and see it through so that it can make a difference. To say, “I tracked my time, but it made no difference,” makes little sense to me unless I know for how long did you track your time. A day, a week, a month, three months? Commit to a time management habit to decide whether it works for you.

So, now that you know you don’t need another time management tool, what will YOU be doing to improve your productivity?

Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer, and a woman who believes in being positively productive, parenting with love, and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her journey and experiences with productivity and parenting at The Mom Writes.