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Why You Need a Savannah Car Accident Attorney

Every year thousands of car accidents occur around Savannah. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in one, you’ll need to hire a car accident attorney. The following are reasons why you need a Savannah car accident lawyer like Spiva Law:

1. To get compensation for your injuries

 You can get compensation if you have been injured in an accident. It would help if you spoke with our injury attorneys immediately because Georgia has a statute of limitations that requires claims involving physical or mental harm to be filed within two years after the incident occurred. Your claim will not go through if it isn’t filed on time, so don’t delay filing it at all.

2. To get compensation for your vehicle damage

If you have been in a car accident and your car was either damaged or totaled, you can get compensated for the value of your vehicle lost by hiring a Savannah car accident lawyer. They will file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company. The amount they will give you to cover the repairs or replacement depends on many factors. For example, another insurer would be willing to take over from the responsible party’s carrier, how badly your vehicle was damaged or destroyed, what type of policy it is under (comprehensive or other), etc. In general, though, getting compensation for vehicle damage is difficult.

3. To give you peace of mind about your future

When you are injured in an accident, it can be very stressful worrying about the costs to repair or replace your car and how much your medical expenses will cost. You’ll need to hire a lawyer to take care of these issues. The money should not stop flowing after an accident.

4. To ensure that all legal steps are taken

Getting compensation for your injuries or repairing or replacing your vehicle requires many legal steps. If you take these steps alone, the insurance company might try to deny responsibility for paying what they owe. The best way to avoid this situation is by hiring a Savannah car accident attorney who can do everything for you that needs doing. They have a team of experts to find loopholes in your claim and deny you compensation.

5. To get back on track financially

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, getting compensated will help tremendously. The insurance company might even be willing to pay for expenses like lost income due to being unable to work because of your injuries, which can add up quickly. You’ll also need medical treatment after a car accident, and these costs certainly aren’t cheap.

6. To make sure all your medical issues are taken care of

When someone is injured in an accident, they might not think about their future healthcare costs – but it would be good if they did. These expenses could pile up quickly, especially if there are complications or injuries sustained that might require surgery, physical therapy, or some medical treatment. This is why hiring a Savannah car accident attorney from the get-go is important. They can handle all your injury claims and get you compensation to cover any future healthcare needs resulting from your injuries.


In conclusion, car accidents can be stressful, and it is always best to know your legal rights. If you have been in an accident or are dealing with the aftermath of one, visit .. today for a free consultation. They will figure out what’s going on and how they might help.

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