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Young Girls Need Supportive STEM Classes

It’s nearly impossible to overstate how important it is for kids today to learn STEM skills. First-rate computer skills are a great way to get an interesting, high-paying job. Many parents enroll their children in coding classes for this reason alone.

On a deeper level, technology is a major driver of today’s economy and culture. Knowing how it actually works gives you an insider’s perspective on how the device in your hands really works. Do you want the handheld devices we all use to be controlling you or the reverse?

Pull back and consider the question from a macro perspective. The people programming society’s crucial technology in the past have been predominantly male, which has led to biases, blind spots, and other problems. 

For example, disproportionately male automakers resulted in safety testing that took the male body into account, not the female body. Seat belts were designed for male crash test dummies, meaning that cars have safety features that are objectively, empirically safer for men than they are for women. 

No matter how well-intended, the technology used by millions or even billions of people must be created by a cross-section of people in society so it fits everybody’s needs. In other words, girls today need to learn STEM skills so that future generations have tech that serves everyone.

Parents looking to enroll their daughters in online coding classes need to pick a program that meets the following criteria.

Coding Languages That Matter

The leading courses offering online coding for kids lessons focus on the coding languages that professionals rely on to build the most popular video games, apps, websites, and more. Some coding programs begin by teaching inexperienced students programs like “Scratch,” which is a drag-and-drop program that might show what coding is like, but no programmers actually use them in the field.

It’s better for girls to learn the coding languages they’ll be expected to know when they’re applying for jobs, the same languages that power things like Angry Birds, Netflix, and more. Look for an online coding class that teaches programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, etc.

Video Games Help Learning

Have you ever seen a kid addicted to playing video games or experienced such a tug yourself? If so, you know how gripping video games can be.

The leading coding programs take advantage of the hold games have on kids by making their coding classes focus on how to build a video game. Students are motivated to learn when the payoff is genuinely rewarding and fun!

After the game is finished, students can show it to their friends and family, and they can all play together. Plus, the sessions themselves have embedded gamification concepts, so the same design elements that get kids hooked on games help keep them addicted to learning. 

Easy Access to Teachers

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It doesn’t matter what the subject matter or who the students are; learning is easier in small groups when classes are free of the disruption and disorder of big crowds. Girls shouldn’t have to fight for their teacher’s attention, and when there are only four students per teacher, they won’t have to.

Parents may worry that such small classes won’t run unless they’re full, but the best online coding courses take this consideration out of the equation. Even if your child is the only student enrolled in the program in the best programs, it’ll run. Be mindful of inquiring about this before you sign up for classes.

Girls can take their team and learn at their own pace, with full and constant access to experts. Some coding courses make it a point to hire teachers with subject matter expertise who skew on the young side, so they’re relatable to kids and filled with practical answers about what coding is like in high school, post-secondary school, and the workforce. 

Sample Lesson

The world of computer coding can be intimidating for people who have never done it, for both kids and parents. Some online courses offer a free sample lesson so you can get the feel of what a session is like and determine if it’s for you.

It sometimes helps to dip a toe in the water before diving in headfirst. 

Future technology must serve everybody’s needs and wants, which means people from every sector of society need to be centered in its creation. Women deserve better representation in STEM disciplines, and it begins with educating young girls. Keep the above ideas in mind when choosing an online coding program for your daughter, and she’ll enjoy learning vital STEM skills.

Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels