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Your Life, Your Choice

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Figuring out your personal style can be a daunting task…but it doesn’t have to be. The clothes you wear are an expression of who you are; the clothes we wear are our personal statement to the rest of the world about how we live, think, and feel. It makes sense, then, that your wardrobe is filled with clothes that you love, and provide the greatest representation of you. Whether you are a fashion hound or capsule wardrobe wiz, having the right clothes for your style allows you to be your best self.  

As a constant presence in your personal life, your fashion matters so much because it is an expression of what you think. The bottom line is that we only have one opportunity to be the person we want to be in our lives, and if you dress like everyone else, you aren’t being true to yourself and expressing what you really think.  

Your personal style should make you feel great, inspire confidence, and show the world who you are. Sounds scary, right? If you’re intimidated by the idea of choosing the “right” blouse, or buying the jeans that show the “real” you, fear no more! Whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or just throwing in a few new pieces to spice things up a bit, some simple steps can help you get to the point where you love what you see in your wardrobe every day. From comfy loungewear to the sexy date night dress, following these tips can help you cultivate that perfect look.  

Understand Your Body

The most important thing about dressing is understanding your body shape, and knowing what silhouettes complement it most gracefully. Selecting items that contrast with your body type usually will not make you feel your best, and therefore should be passed on for silhouettes that show you off in a more flattering way.

Show Your Signature in Pieces

Most of the ultimate style icons have signatures that can be spotted a mile away— whether an accessory, color, or specific print, a personal style signature can be that one thing that truly makes your style your own.   

Invest In What’s Best…

..For you! A successful personal style is one you’ll love for years to come, so you should focus on wearing the things that truly spark joy. The question of what you want to own and wear is really the question of how you want to live and speak to the world. Of course, people are constantly changing and always growing— so it’s fair to say that your style is not a destination but rather a tool to reflect who you are in the present moment and help you discern the life you truly want.  

Recognize What You Dislike

Editing your wardrobe is just as important as cultivating it in the first place— like a garden that needs tending to, be proactive in weeding out the items that don’t make you feel good. Just because everyone else is wearing a certain style or brand doesn’t mean that you have to fall in line if that style or brand doesn’t make you fall in love. Remember: your style is a statement about you, and fitting in was never the point.

Once you find the brands and style that truly show s the world who you are, stay loyal to them. Living your truth is a practice that becomes much more easy to achieve once you’ve mastered your wardrobe and find yourself wearing your truth in your everyday life.