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3 Benefits to Buy Europe Sim Card for Australians

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There are three primary reasons why you should buy a Europe Sim Card – SimCorner before traveling in Europe. It will help you save money, communicate with family and friends while traveling, and find your way around the city easily with your smartphone and GPS applications. 

Traveling Europe might be one of the greatest experiences of your life, but it’s also one of the biggest financial drains on your bank account. Luckily, we can help you save money by recommending an all-in-one travel SIM card that will allow you to call and text from dozens of European countries without paying a huge fee or dealing with the hassle of WiFi hotspots and multiple international cell phone plans.

1) Stay in touch with family & friends

While roaming can be expensive, staying in touch with your loved ones while you’re abroad is still possible. Several affordable mobile apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype allow you to make free calls and send messages to one another—even if they don’t have an app installed on their device. You can also take advantage of free WiFi when available (which is often) and call back home through a VoIP service. And if you want to go old-school, consider buying a calling card from your favorite local phone store. It’s worth noting that some of these services may only work in certain countries, so plan ahead!

2) Save money by using local SIM cards

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with loved ones while traveling is by using a local SIM card. This way, you won’t have to pay international roaming fees. Since each country has its own mobile network, getting a SIM card can save you money on international calls and texts as well. The average cost of an SMS message in Australia is $0.20, while it’s only $0.10 across Europe—and if you get it via WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, there will be no fees at all! Some apps even allow you to talk longer (for free) when making voice calls through your data plan!

3) Free up your data by using WiFi hotspots

Most hotspots in major European cities are free and open to anyone. Use WiFi whenever possible when you travel. Not only is it a great way to save on data, but it also gives you a chance to look around and see where you’re going if it’s your first time visiting that city. 

Download a map app like CityMaps2Go, which uses GPS data and offline maps so you can navigate offline as well. [9] If you have international data roaming enabled, however, make sure to keep an eye on how much of your data allowance you’ve used by logging into your account online or using an app like Roaming Map. That way, you won’t be surprised with an unexpectedly high bill after checking Instagram one too many times! (Be sure to check out our guide on how much international data costs.) 

Some carriers now offer unlimited international roaming plans—but they aren’t cheap. For example, Sprint offers customers 100 MB of high-speed international roaming data per month at no extra cost.

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