3 Things You Can Skip Buying for a New Baby

The following post is from Rachel of The Minimalist Mom:

source: Jan de Graaf

Our second child arrived in January.

We are in the throes of soft newborn snuggles and middle of the night feedings.

It is a wonderful time, and I’m relishing these early days. The dark circles under my eyes will fade, but these first weeks and the feeling of a new life in my arms will stay with me forever.

Having a new baby in our home is different this time around.

Not only because we are second time parents but also because I have a different outlook on what we really need for a newborn.

With our first son I was a shopping fiend during my pregnancy. I had two diaper bags and a dozen pairs of BabyLegs before I hit the third trimester.

I poured over stroller reviews evening after evening and researched swaddle blankets and cloth diapers until I had the different models and brands memorized.

I was all about the stuff.

But when our baby arrived none of those gadgets and aids gave me more sleep and none of them soothed my child as well as a pair of loving arms.

The spoils from my shopping sprees? Those gathered dust in a closet and cluttered up our home for months until I slowly started giving most of it away.

In the excitement of pregnancy, or the sleep deprived state of being a new parent, it is common to think that everything on the latest ‘must-have’ baby list is a requirement.

The truth is that babies don’t need much other than nourishment, a place to sleep, a dry bottom and a loving parent.

Here are three things you can skip buying for a newborn:

Diaper Bag

It’s easy for a new mother to lose her sense of identity. Days in spit up covered yoga pants and limited, or nonexistent, personal time can leave a new mother missing her old self.

One way to get your old self back and save some money and space: skip the diaper bag.

Instead of a diaper bag use a large hand bag. Keep a set of small waterproof bags stashed with a couple of diapers and one or two changes of clothing for the baby ready for outings.

Baby Monitor

Can you hear your husband snoring in your bedroom when you’re in the living room? If so, you probably don’t need a baby monitor.

In a small home you can usually hear a baby, or child, crying from any room, and there is no need for a baby monitor.

Exceptions: if you watch television or listen to music at high volumes or if you regularly host large gatherings at your home.

Dress Up Outfits

Have you tried to put a pair of jeans on a six week old baby? The hassle isn’t worth the photo opportunity much less the probability that the jeans will be spit up on before you take that photo.

It’s easier, cheaper and simpler to keep your newborn and young baby in soft sleepers and onesies rather than complicated and cumbersome dresses and outfits.

Save the bow ties and tutus for your bigger baby.

Want more ideas for simplifying and living with less in the first year with a new baby? Check out my book, The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year.

What baby items did you skip buying?

Rachel Jonat is a world medalist rower turned marketing professional turned SAHM/writer. At The Minimalist Mom, Rachel writes about living a rich life with less stuff. Currently living on a windswept island in the middle of the Irish Sea, Rachel owns two pairs of jeans, loves taking the bus and is attempting to become a tea drinker.