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Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

3 Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Bedroom

We may be getting spoiled by heatwaves and some really hot weather at the moment in the UK. However, this is not always going to be the case, and, in a few months, we will start to hit the Autumn and Winter months. With this can come some wintry weather, completely changing our habits. Right now, people will be sweltering in their homes and have the windows open fully, and if they have air-con units, using these. In the winter, the windows are closed, and the central heating is on a lot. We have three tips for specific things you can influence and do now to prepare your home and bedroom for those winter months.


The bedding you use will greatly influence how you can sleep comfortably throughout the seasons. Depending on where you are in the country, the weather can be very changeable, from very warm to very cold. Therefore, the same type of bedding to be used all year round may not be sufficient. In the summer months, you may opt for a thinner and lighter quilt, while, in the winter, you could opt for a far heavier one. This will help keep you warm throughout the night without spending a lot more money on energy. If revamping the quilt, you may as well have a look at the mattress and get one to suit your needs. You can get a cheap mattress online, made of material that can help regulate temperature well.

The addition of blankets can also help. It is invaluable to add or remove them as and when you need them to suit whatever toe or arm is cold or warm.

Save on Heating

Think about when you are using heating. Some people may have this on within all rooms at various times during the day; however, are you actually using all these rooms all the time? It may be an idea to look at how long you put the heating on and in what areas. You may wish to heat up some areas more than others and more frequently. An effective way to get around this is to use timers (if you have central heating). Within these timers, you can choose specific times of the day to have the heating on. In the bedroom, an example of this would be to set a timer to have the heat come on when you are getting out of bed (set for an hour before your alarm wakes you up).


This must be considered if you do not have double-glazed windows in your bedroom. The amount of heat lost through old and inferior quality windows is significant, and with all the money you are spending on heating, this could be lost through simple draughts in the home. Double Glazing is not a cheap investment. However, not only will it maintain heat for those winter months, but it will also increase the house property.

Featured Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash