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3 Ways to Care for the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

Unfortunately, we just aren’t quite as rugged as some other animals. We don’t have protective armor like an alligator or a hard shell like a turtle. Our entire body is fragile. So we must be very careful not to fall or touch a hot stove — if we don’t want to suffer severe consequences. This includes the delicate skin around your eyes.

Perhaps nowhere is as delicate as our eyes. We depend upon them so much to guide us through our environment. They must be protected at all costs. Even in a purely aesthetic sense, this is the area that usually first starts to show real signs of aging and sun damage.

For some, it’s crow’s feet. Others develop under-eye bags. Most are plagued by some degree of fine lines and wrinkles. No matter how you look now or how old you are, in time, usually, you will start to see some negative effects. There are treatments like a profhilo injection that gives your skin a boost, but it’s still important to take care of your skin daily. Try Plasma Pen Under Eye a new way to take care of your skin around your eyes.

You can delay, protect, and even reverse the damage, however. This is why you must place an utmost priority on the area around your eyes within any skincare regimen. If you want to keep looking your best, avoid the appearance of premature aging, and treat your delicate eyes the way they deserve to be treated, be sure to incorporate the following into your daily routine:

1. Clean and Clear

Every night, you need to pay special attention to clean the areas around your eyes. This is no place to let dirt, oil, makeup, and dry or dead skin reside for eight hours as you drift off to dreamland. It can be difficult to maintain the energy and motivation to do this every day, but you will see much greater benefits if your slip-ups and lazy evenings are few and far between. Consistency in this department makes a big difference.

2. Cream and Moisturizer

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Dryness is the enemy of skincare. Brittle skin is much more sensitive, and this is often when lasting damage occurs. If you don’t work to combat this ever-present threat around your eyes, wrinkles and general aging will show up. Some people have naturally oily skin, and this concern is less of an immediate problem. But everyone should use anti-aging eye cream to stave off crow’s feet and restore the natural contours around your eyes that will help you maintain that youthful look.

3. Shade and Protection

The sun is arguably an even bigger enemy for your skin than dryness. A little exposure is good. Some UV rays will help you produce the vitamin D that is essential to all aspects of health. But you need to be very careful not to overdo it — and even a few extra minutes can wreak havoc on the delicate skin around your eyes. Since this area is so sensitive, the best bet is to use a moisturizer with SPF protection and some stylish sunglasses all the time. Especially in the summer months and anywhere above sea level, you want physical protection as much as possible.

Keeping Your Delicate Skin Safe and Sound

All skin is not created equally. Most people realize that their face is the one area that needs the most care, but they may overlook that certain locations need to be prioritized even here. Nowhere is more delicate or susceptible to damage than the skin around your eyes.

Make sure to clean it well every single night. Use moisturizer and anti-wrinkle eye cream liberally. And try to wear some sunnies whenever you are outside in the elements.

If you can stick to these three principles, the damage can be reduced — and potentially even reversed. Your future self will be very thankful you put forth the effort.

Featured Photo by cottonbro from Pexels