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4 Creative Ways to Practice Self-Expression

Self-expression is the act of portraying your own emotions, thoughts, and ideas. One can show their true selves in various ways. For instance, you could convey your feelings through art, music, writing, fashion, and other means.

An individual needs to express themselves confidently no matter what environment they’re in. It’s believed this can be quite easy for those who’ve learned self-expression from a younger age. Therefore, most moms take on teaching their children how to be open about their ideas at the earliest stages of their lives. 

As moms try to inculcate values of creativity, confidence, self-expression, and others to their children while juggling daily responsibilities simultaneously, it’s often easy to forget about themselves. In motherhood, all attention for oneself is lost, and the focus is mainly on the baby and family in general. As time goes by, you may end up losing your identity, ignoring your creative side, and suppressing your individuality without even realizing it. 

How Moms Can Express Themselves

A mom needs to find joy in self-expression, but some may fear doing this for fear of criticism. Note that you’re only hurting yourself by suppressing your inner self and may one day regret not taking action towards self-actualization early enough. Consider being open and unafraid about your feelings, loving yourself a little more, and doing what you love most every day. 

Fostering self-expression isn’t a difficult task as there are several ways to do so. For instance, some moms consider a creative approach and start by getting small tattoos or doing makeup. Try exploring several techniques that might assist you in showing your individuality to the world. You can look for resources online or get into a mentorship program that could help you start your journey.

If you’re searching for other creative ways to express yourself, you can consider:

1. Blogging

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Blogging could be an effective way to express yourself since you can tell the world how you feel about certain issues in writing. To ensure this is done effectively, select a particular niche you’d want to address, then ensure you offer meaningful content to your audience.

Most moms who start blogs address topics such as pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, and many others. They often offer their personal stories and give advice and tips that have worked for them. As time goes by, you’ll realize you’re making an impact in people’s lives. As the number of audiences increase, you could also start earning money from your blog by monetizing it.

2. Fashion

Fashion is among the earliest forms of showcasing yourself since what you wear says a lot about your personality and beliefs. To create a personal style, you can go with the current trends and mix up clothes and accessories to bring out a distinctive look.

Consider having varying outfits for different occasions. This factor will help you show your personality and reflect your feelings and thoughts about that particular day or event. Creatively changing your style can also be helpful to express various sides of yourself, especially in a world used to imitating other people. 

3. Art, Music, Or Dance

Music and dance are some of the simplest forms of self-expression. Usually, there’s always a song for every mood or feeling. Therefore, you could play music and dance as a way of expressing how you’re feeling at present.

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While you care for everyone else around you, you may have to put your dreams and passions on hold. Hence, you might begin to feel unfulfilled because you’re not living your full potential and giving to the world as much as you should. 

Before being a mother, you may have wanted to paint or write music pieces, poems, or books. Fortunately, it’s never too late to rekindle your dreams. You can start taking steps toward rebuilding your vision right this moment.

First, think of your old goals. Are you still looking to follow them? Did you develop a liking for other passions along the way? After understanding your current desires, you can now look for ways to pursue them. 

For instance, you could consider taking a class in art, music, dance, literature, or any other field. After graduating from the courses, you can now put your skills to practice. This is important because it’s through these long-term pursuits that you’d feel you could give more to the world.

4. Speak Your Truth In Any Discussion 

It’s common for moms to hide their true selves in book clubs or other small groups to fear being judged or losing friends. However, it’s important to understand true friends are those who appreciate your real self and are open to stirring you to the right path when they notice you’re deviating.  

Therefore, consider respectfully communicating your actual feelings toward a particular topic of discussion in the small groups you participate in. It’s because you wouldn’t be hurting anyone but yourself by not speaking up. In doing so, you’ll inspire others to express themselves confidently. You’ll also be at peace with yourself, and you’ll be able to boost your confidence and esteem. If this is practiced every day, you’ll learn that you can stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in as time goes by.  


It’s natural for most mothers to lose themselves amidst chores, taking care of the family, and other personal responsibilities. They may unknowingly get used to compromise their happiness for the joy of others. Therefore, moms need to practice self-expression to ensure they don’t lose their individuality or suppress their inner peace.

There are several techniques used to foster self-expression, and you should consider a creative approach. You can start by utilizing your talent in dance, art, music, and other fields to show your thoughts, ideas, and feelings to the world. Moreover, you could voice your opinions through blogging or by speaking your truth in the book clubs or other groups you belong to. Additionally, you could also express your personality and identity to the world by creating a unique style for yourself. 

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