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5 Important Items You Don’t Want to Lose During a Move

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Whenever you move from one location to another, you’re bound to lose a few things in the process. This could be a sock, an old shirt, or maybe your favorite mug. Maybe you throw it out by accident, or you simply leave it behind. Either way, it’s annoying when you lose something you care about. What’s even worse to lose are important items. These items go beyond your favorite jeans and are things you absolutely don’t want to lose. They can be a hassle to replace or might be irreplaceable. 

Here are five items you don’t want to lose during a move.

Vital documents

Any vital document is annoying to lose. These are items like birth certificates, marriage certificates, or social security cards. These are important items you need for applying for jobs, credit cards, or loans. 

When you’re moving, make sure these documents are kept somewhere safe, like a specially marked folder or binder. Keep these items close to you at all times during your move.


Nowadays, we tend to store photos on computers, memory cards, or cloud storage, but we only have physical copies of some photos. These could be inherited from our grandparents or a deceased loved one, which makes them irreplaceable. 

Your photobooks should be stored in a box designated for important items and should be one of the first things you take with you during a move. You’ll want to make sure they are well protected too.


Losing electronics, especially the pricey ones, is a pain. They can be expensive to replace, contain important documents, or be one of your primary tools for work. Some common electronics you wouldn’t want to lose might be your computer, tablet, television, or video game console. 

It helps to designate a box for your electronics and ensure they are well-protected during a move. Like photobooks, you should consider moving your electronics first, especially the bulky ones like a desktop computer. For items like laptops or tablets, carry them in a bag with you and keep them close by. 

Expensive items

While electronics were mentioned, they are plenty of other expensive items you don’t want to lose. The list is endless, but some common ones include jewelry, furniture, artwork, and musical instruments.

There isn’t exactly a specific guideline you can follow with expensive items since it will vary person by person. Like the previous recommendations, if it’s something small and important, keep it close to you. Otherwise, you should move your expensive items first and ensure they are well-protected. 

Family keepsakes

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These items are more sentimental in value, similar to a photobook. These are generally going to be items where sentimental value will give it that irreplaceable feeling. This could be something like an old doll, baby clothes, an urn, or an award. 

Once again, what someone considers a family keepsake will vary person by person. If you feel it’s irreplaceable, treat it as such and ensure the items are kept close by you or shipped first. 

Losing items during a move can be stressful, but there are ways you can avoid it. By recognizing your most valued and important items, you can work to make sure they are the first things delivered and kept safe.

There will always be that chance you’ll lose something important, and it isn’t the end of the world if you lose it. Forgive yourself, and see how you can improve the next time you have to move. 

Featured Image by Bruno / Germany from Pixabay