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5 Practical Ideas: Would Cool Metallic Shades Complement Your Interior Design?

In interior design, color plays a crucial role; it contributes to aesthetic appeal and gives homeowners or tenants the power to express their sense of style. Therefore, this is not something that should be taken lightly, especially when decorating a residential space. Homeowners and interior designers should compare options and choose the most appropriate one. For instance, incorporating cool metallic shades in interior design can create a sophisticated space with timeless appeal. Here are five practical ways homeowners can achieve this.

Accent Walls

One way interior designers can give a room flair is by having an accent wall. This is a type of wall that differs in color from other walls in the house and can be used to draw attention to a part of the room that does not get much attention. Professionals offer the best interior design services because they know how to create unique accent walls. They can do this by applying cool metallic paint or metallic wallpaper on one wall to serve as a stunning focal point. This is a simple but great way to add depth and interest to a room without overwhelming the space.

Add Sparkle

Interior designers need to be cautious about the amount of cool metallic shades they add to a space. While a small amount can transform a room and make it appealing, too much can overwhelm it. When using this shade in a living room, designers should consider using it to sparkle and add color contrast rather than dominate it. A great way to add a touch of cool metallic colors to a room is by using it in accessories like frames, mirrors, and light fixtures. Besides looking great, the cool metallic finishes are durable and easy to clean, which makes them a practical choice for busy households.

Use in Furniture

Many homeowners like to play it safe when choosing a color for their sofa. They opt for simple, plain colors like black and white. While there is nothing wrong with playing it safe, at times, it can make the space boring. Luckily, this is a challenge that designers can quickly fix by getting small doses of furniture in a cool metallic shade. This will give the room a sleek look that will improve the overall aesthetic of the space. If they are not up to the idea of mixing and matching the sofa chairs, they can use some throw pillows or a sofa throw that is in a metallic color. However, they should balance it out with the rest of the room to create an appealing look.

Ceiling Details

Many people use the same color on their walls and ceilings to play it safe. But this has been overdone. Those who are looking for ways to make their house beautiful and stand out should consider getting different paint colors than what they used on the ceiling. A cool metallic paint can help create a stunning contrast in the room and make a bold statement on the ceiling. This will also give the room an unexpected boost of luxury. However, when selecting the shade, interior designers should get the one that compliments the rest of the house.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Due to the high moisture levels and traffic in the kitchen and bathroom, interior designers choose to make these rooms plain and simple. Their main focus is to reduce humidity. However, these rooms are great for experimenting with cool metallic shades. This is could be a solution to the people who are unsure if this is the best shade for their house. They can start small, like getting metallic cabinet handles, faucets, or backsplashes. However, it is usually better to experiment in small spaces before going big.

Cool metallic shades are trending for valid reasons. They are easy to incorporate into a space, offer a wide range of possibilities, and, if well incorporated, can enhance the overall appearance of a house. Using this shade either as paint or in some details around the home can help transform the space and allow the owner to demonstrate their unique ideas.