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5 Ways Writing Can Help You Find Your Creative Power

What does writing mean to you? To one, writing is simply a means to earn a living. To another, it is a way of unwinding, of expressing their thoughts, experiences, fears, and how to overcome challenges. Writing is a powerful tool that helps one understand who they are. One of the ways to be creative is using words to get in touch with your innermost feelings that you never knew existed. Written words have a way of connecting with the outside world as well as identifying your inner being. One can only be powerful by knowing your self-worth, being a firm believer in your abilities, and acknowledging your weakness. Writing can help you find your creative power.

On the other hand, to grow your creative power, you need to know your identity. Identity refers to the state of being self-aware, knowing your own nature, and the traits that define you. Expressing someone’s identity is one of the burning social issues, and writing can definitely become a useful tool to undercover your strengths and power. To find out more about the sociological perspective on identity, you can look for free online resources with sociology essay samples for inspiration. Knowing your identity helps with:

  1. Decision-making: Your identity helps you make wise choices in different circumstances.
  2. Self-control: When you know yourself, it is easier to defy bad habits and instill good ones.
  3. Resistance to peer pressure: Knowing your identity helps keep you grounded and avoid being influenced by your peers. It helps you avoid being swayed by crowds and have a stand on matters.
  4. Tolerance and empathy: You being in touch with yourself can help you relate to other people’s feelings.

5 Ways Writing Can Help to Find Your Creative Power

Writing can help
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You can only improve your writing by writing. Practicing helps in finding your creativity in ways we will discuss below:

Writing gives clarity

Writing helps bring clarity to thoughts that appeared to be clouding our thoughts. It gives a clear sense of understanding oneself, why one reacts to particular situations in different ways. Writing is not about the number of ideas you have but how deep an idea is. When your mind is clear, you can have fresh ideas, understand things better, and be objective when a situation calls for objectivity. 

Creating change in society

Writing is a powerful tool in reaching out to the minds and hearts of a variety of people across the world. Writing about issues in society, such as body shaming and bullying, gives you a voice in society. For instance, if one person wrote in regards to bullying in schools and how to deal when in such a situation, others who come across such an article can know how to condemn bullying and call out bullies. Writing can inspire someone to be better and work on their shortcomings.

Writing helps to connect with ourselves

In the journey of self-discovery, writing comes in handy in getting in touch with oneself. It helps one discover who we are, our drive behind things we do. Your thoughts may have hints to your well-being. Connecting with ourselves is critical when looking to be self-empowered. Self-empowerment entails knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to deal with fear, anxiety, and rejection and how to believe in you. Self-belief is paramount in discovering your power.

Connecting with others

Writing helps connecting with others
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Writing is a tool that connects people from different walks of life. Reading a story and empathizing with the author is a way to connect with others. Allowing you to go through emotions such as grief when the story is sad, or happiness in a happy story is a way of connecting our hearts and minds to the author. One does not need to meet someone physically to understand their plight.

Writing pushes one to be imaginative

Not all written pieces are factual. Fictional writing is based on events and characters that do not exist. Therefore, it involves getting in touch with your imaginative side to create a fun and entertaining perspective. Coming up different with scenarios and characters improves your creativity. For example, Sci-Fi writers tend to write about events that one has never thought possible in real life. The talk of having aliens exist before humankind on the face of the earth is quite fascinating.  Who knows what genre you will find your creative power?

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