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6 Fun and Educational Activities Your Teens Can Do This Summer

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When the summer holiday hits and school is finally out, your kids may be clamoring for something to keep their schedules busy. To help your kids get the most out of their summer vacation, you can throw in some suggestions for activities yourself.

Below, we share with you non-academic activities that still puts your children’s brain in learning mode even though they’re not in school, all while having fun in the process.

1. Learn to play a musical instrument

There are a lot of benefits that come from learning an instrument, and they’re not just limited to teens, as well. Instrument playing boosts a person’s confidence, enhances memory, develops fine motor skills, and even occasionally encourages socialization.

Ask anyone with a career in music, and they can tell you how powerful music is. 

It can even alter the brain in amazing ways. This one of the reasons why many parents enroll their kids in a summer music program. Some even hire a music instructor to explore their children’s hidden musical talent or develop their appreciation for this art form.

2. Develop a lifesaving skill

Saying that basic knowledge of first aid can be lifesaving isn’t an exaggeration. Your teen will experience a dramatic boost in confidence, leadership, and ability to take care of himself or herself from joining a first aid training course like one in Perth

Moreover, this certificate in first aid training may even help your teenager land a part-time job, so they can earn money on the side during or outside of their school term.

3. Volunteer in the community

There’s almost nothing that can match the sense of fulfillment we get from helping other people, and this can be a valuable lesson to teach your teen.

Encourage your son or daughter to get involved in community work. Sign them up for a volunteer program, or just help around a senior’s home, animal shelter, or shelter for the homeless.

This will help your teen see the bigger picture. It helps them to appreciate everything that they have, as well as develop empathy for other people.

4. Engage in watersports or take swimming lessons

Everyone loves spending time in and around water, especially in the summer. Whether it’s the sea, pool, river, or lake, engaging in water sports offers several benefits for your teen.

If your child hasn’t learned to swim yet, then summertime may even be the perfect time for them to learn. Alternatively, you may also take your teenage snorkeling, fishing, or diving. Watersports encourage teamwork and help the body and mind to develop in a healthy way.

5. Connect with nature

Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, backpacking, and camping can also allow your teens to learn life skills that will prove valuable as they grow older.

They don’t have to go alone, too. Your teen can plan out an outdoor group activity with friends. Or you can bond with them yourself so you can create valuable memories during your teen’s summer break.

6. Visit the library

This may not sound like the most exciting activity for your teens to do over summer. But it definitely is one of the best when it comes to expanding your teenager’s mind.

Also, there are ways to make going to the library fun. You can provide incentives to your teenager by telling them you’ll buy them something they’ve always wanted if they spend enough time looking for new interests or topics at the library.

Some libraries offer free summer activities and programs such as teaching computer skills and career planning. Libraries may also have positions for interns so your son or daughter can develop job skills.

There’s no reason your teenager can’t fill his or her summer schedule with fun and educational things. Of course, you probably shouldn’t hijack their entire summer plans. Try incorporating a few activities that can help your teenager to become a more confident and capable adult will have numerous benefits in the long run.