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7 Tips on How to Have Fun on Your Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is generally fun, but doing the same thing over and over can get boring and prompt you to take a break from cycling. However, it does not have to be that way; you can incorporate simple activities into your riding experience and make cycling fun, thus keeping your motivation intact.

Ensure your biking activities are fun if you want to achieve your short and long-term goals regarding your health, fitness, or from a competitive front. Here are activities you can incorporate into your biking to ensure you are having fun with your mountain bike. 


Going through the same old trail becomes boring after a while. For further adventure, you can go on trail building. This activity is quite intriguing as you can discover new areas, experience new challenges, and invent new solutions all in one go.

To make this task more fulfilling, you can join a group of mountain bike trail builders who discover and test new trails for riders. This venture is fun; one can learn about routes and expanding mountain bike limits. 

 Jam To Music

Listening to your favorite jams or even podcasts is one way of having while cycling. It is easy to listen to music as you work out, take walks in your car, and ride your mountain bike.

You can easily create playlists to suit different moods through the technological development of new apps, such as Spotify and Boom Play. And when you are exploring your next trail, plug in your headphones. 

Ensure you can hear or see respective vehicles and bikers from afar because safety should be the first concern when biking on or off-road.

Do not be compelled to put in slow, sad songs as they will not give you the tempo and motivation you need for your ride; instead, choose songs with an upbeat tempo that will pump you up. While listening to such music, you will find that you are able to ride trails longer. If you are a solo rider, you are most likely to feel less lonely while listening to music as you ride. 

 Your Tires

It may seem unorthodox, but tires can be a fun element to play around with. Testing how different tires work can be a fun experience for a rider. There are different types of tread patterns available to try as well. This experience lets you know which treads are best for your mountain biking adventures.

You can also try different tire thicknesses such as the twenty-six-inch, the twenty-seven-inch, and the twenty-nine-inch tires. Each of the thicknesses is good for different terrains and bikes.

Furthermore, you need appropriately pressured tires to have fun on your mountain bike. Too much air pressure increases its vibration and bounce, which causes poor traction and therefore leads to strenuous riding. Too low air pressure reduces the ability of the bike to absorb shock, making the ride uncomfortable.

To ensure you have all the fun during your bike ride, ensure the tires are well pressurized before you start your daily adventure. You should also check for holes and remember to carry the pump on your riding adventures. 

 Night Rides

What better way to switch it up than ride your bike at night? Night rides are a thrill to go on for any mountain bike rider. Many night riders have expressed the blood rush that comes with night riding when everything is dark; there are not many people or cars on the roads, and it’s all quiet.

This venture may be daunting for newbies, but it can get addicting once you start getting used. To participate in this activity, however, you must adhere strictly to rules such as wearing a reflector jacket, night lights, a helmet, and carrying a form of identification. You are also advised to ride in a group or tell your family or roomie where you are headed.

If you plan to go on mountain trails, you will also need a light to guide you and possibly scare some wild animals away. During your ride, you will be amazed at how differently you will perceive the same trail you have been riding on during the day. Be ready to trip over bumps you knew so well and get stuck on hills you thought were so easy to ride over. If you are easily spooked, you’d better say your prayers on this one. It can, however, be a great way to overcome your fear. 

 Learn New Tricks

After mastering how to ride a bike, you can enhance your skills by learning a new trick on your mountain bike. Bike tricks such as the wheelie or the bunny hop are easy to learn and are suitable for beginner mountain bikers.

Always be well geared up; as you know, learning these tricks may lead to occasional accidents. If you have, however, been practicing them and now feel confident, you can enroll in shows and competitions that allow you to show off your biking skills.

Exposure to biking tricks competitions helps you learn new tricks and meet like-minded people in the mountain biking community. 

 Style Up Your Bike

You are more likely to have fun on your bike if you are attached to it, and what better way to achieve this than to style it up? If you previously used a traditional bike, you could switch to an e-bike as it’s faster and more fun. 

You can also paint it in your favorite color. To add to this, put some stickers illuminating your vibe on the mudguard or the top tube. This may get you riding more frequently to show off your bike to other cyclists. 

 Ride in a Group

mountain biking with friends
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It is excellent to share riding a bike with family, friends, or other fellow riders. Cycling is the best if you are looking for ways to have fun and bond with your family. Choose family-friendly places to ride, and you will be guaranteed to spend quality time bonding with your bike buddies. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many inexpensive ways to spice up your bike riding experience. If you want to have fun on your mountain bike, engage in activities such as listening to music, learning new tricks, exploring new trails, or going on night rides. 

Featured Photo by Jan Muehlbach on Unsplash