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Best Gifts for A New Mom

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a new mom, starting this process can be very overwhelming. With so many options, brands, price points, and colors, landing on something that a new mom will both like, and be able to utilize in her daily life, can be a very big job. Making a new mom’s life a little easier is the goal of purchasing a gift for her, so here is a list of items to do just that.

Bag for Baby and Mom

A diaper bag is a must for a new mom. These types of bags include special storage for diapers, bottles, wipes, toys, and anything else their baby might need. High-end diaper bags are fashionable and useful for both casual and business environments. A big goal for a mom, whether it is their first baby or not, is to establish a new normal. A bag that looks both like a normal purse, but functions as a diaper bag, is a perfect gift for a new mom.

White Noise Machine

When a baby is still in the womb, they hear the sounds that are constantly around them. Not only is their mom’s voice always present, but so are the sounds of her body – blood flow, heartbeat, et cetera. White noise machines can mimic this type of noise that a baby hears, allowing their baby to fall asleep faster and on their own too. If they wake throughout the night, the white noise machine may help the baby believe that they are back in their mom’s tummy and drift back to sleep. Any break a new mom gets is a gift worth buying.

Jogging Stroller

Exercise is proven to help both physical and mental health. As a new mom, getting out of the house feels like you are stepping into a new world. A jogging stroller is perfect for walking, jogging, and running, and most come with cup holders and phone storage. Jogging strollers are great for all terrains, and there are even double jogging strollers for a mom who has twins or babies close in age.

Video Baby Monitor

As a new mom, a fear of something happening to your baby is a constant thought, especially when they are sleeping. Whenever you decide to move your baby’s crib from your room to their own, the new change can be more traumatizing for mom than the child. A video monitor not only allows mom to hear their baby while they sleep but also sees them as well. Most video monitors have different features, including a talk button, ambient thermostat, and a night-feature that allows you to see the baby very clearly in the dark.

Diaper Pail

Keeping a house clean with a baby can be a challenge. While bottles fill the sink, clothes baskets line up near the washing machine, and diaper changes happen every couple of hours, trying to take care of a baby through all of this can be extremely draining. A diaper pail that looks nice and keeps the smell away can be a great gift for a new mom looking for a way to conceal the new, over-powering odor.

Overall, new moms go through so many changes during the first year of their baby’s life. Gifts like a diaper bag, white noise machine, jogging stroller, video monitor, and odor-concealing trashcan give mom the tools she needs to adjust to life with a baby.