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Image by Iuliia Bondarenko from Pixabay

Must Have’s for New Mums

Becoming a mother is an incredible, life-changing feat. Your new little one depends on you for love, support, care, as well as his or her physical daily needs…all of which become a great deal easier when you are given the right tools! We have made a list of must have’s for new mums to help you prepare for your new little one.

1. A baby thermometer.

There are a few different thermometers for babies, and as new mums, you can decide which one you think is the best baby thermometer for your family.

  • Rectal thermometers: Studies show that these are the most accurate due to their core body temperature in infants. However, they may not be the most pleasurable for you or your little one.
  • Ear & forehead thermometers: These are easier to get a reading but may not be as accurate as of the rectal thermometer.
  • Oral thermometers: These can be difficult to get a reading on children less than three years old, as you have to place the thermometer under the tongue for approximately a minute. But, if used correctly, they can provide an accurate reading.  

2. A stroller.

Buying a stroller can easily be overwhelming for new mums- there are so many brands, types, unique perks, etc. But ultimately, the best stroller is the one that’s best tailored to your needs. 

If you live in a city within walking distance of most of your errands and are therefore planning on taking your baby stroller out along the uneven sidewalks and high curbs, you might want something with big wheels, serious suspension, and enough storage to hold your groceries or shopping items. If you live in an apartment complex and need something compact for easy storage, you might want to consider a folding, adjustable stroller. Ultimately, your stroller choice comes down to your lifestyle, needs, and living situation to determine what will work best for your family.

3. A baby carrier.

Your stroller will not always be a viable option to transport your little one around, which is where a wearable carrier comes in. Wearable carriers are pretty standard, though you will want to try them to determine which one is best for your frame. Choosing one with adjustable straps will help you alter accordingly and will also become helpful when your spouse or other family members want to take a turn caring for your little one.

4. A diaper bag that’s both functional and stylish.

Diaper bags have one ultimate function- to hold as many possible necessities as possible. But who says they have to be ugly? Choosing a diaper bag with tons of pocket space, ample room for all the essentials, AND doesn’t make you want to not go out in public is a huge bonus!

5. A high chair.

High chairs are a must-have for new mums. You will spend a good portion of time feeding your baby, and while you want him or her to be comfortable, you also need to think about the cleanliness factor. Your little tot will likely make a mess bigger than you thought possible, so ensuring your highchair is easily cleaned is a must.   

6. A swaddle blanket.


Swaddle blanket
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Swaddle blankets are a must-have for your newborn, as they have been shown to help infants self-soothe, relax and unwind naturally and independently. We recommend practicing the swaddling method with a doll or a family or friend’s infant to ensure you’re comfortable with the technique before trying to soothe your little one. Many moms recommend blankets with Velcro closures to ensure that baby is nice and snug for however long you may need.

7. A breast pump.

Onto the less pleasant part of becoming a mother- pumping breast milk. A portable breast pump will allow you the freedom of finishing other motherly tasks while pumping, allowing you to multitask to your heart’s content. Be sure to read reviews on breast pumps to get a sense of their efficiency, longevity, and easiness to clean. A lactation massager might be something else you might want to look into. It’s common to experience clogged milk ducts during nursing.

8. A baby monitor.

A baby monitor is essential, especially for first-time moms. You created this tiny life that you are responsible for loving and caring for, but also protecting. A baby monitor creates peace of mind when it comes to the times that your child is not within your immediate vicinity and adds a sense of security for whenever you may need to step away for a moment. There are many types- with and without video, application-enabled, or wifi-capable. Video monitors are typically more expensive but provide that important visual of your child’s current state without having to physically check on them. All monitors have a transmitter that stays in the child’s room and a typical receiver with or near the parent.

All in all, new mums can feel especially overwhelmed by bringing a child into this world and deserve to feel like they have everything they need to care for this new life. Ultimately these products are meant to make your life easier and not create more stress of choosing the “perfect” one. Go with your gut of what you feel you and your little one need, and your baby will be overjoyed.

Featured Image by Iuliia Bondarenko from Pixabay